how many peices do u have

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  1. hey blades i was woundering how many peices do u have. personly i have 1 one hitter, 1 sherlock and 2 bongs. so how many do u have
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    Hmm, I have a bat, two arcylic bongs, 2 glass bongs, a mini glass bong (thing is literally like 5 inches tall) and a bubbler :D Edit: I have a MFLB as well
  3. I have a G-Bong (Not really a piece), a Hookah (Not really a piece), and a long-lost .2 bowl. So in all honesty I have a whopping 0!
  4. a hooka kinda counts
  5. Pipe, hookah, and apples
  6. i have 1 of every peice you can fucking think of and 2 bowls
  7. I have a one-hitter my father gave me, a homemade bong, a chillum, and my bare hands.

    You may be wondering why I said my bare hands. Mostly because I am high as fuck, but also because my bare hands can make unlimited pieces.

    So I have infinity according to my high logic.

  8. I have a 30 cm glass bong, a 40 cm glass bong with a precooler, a nice big bubbler, a 5" chillum, 5 3" glass bats, a 4" glass bat, 2 4" spoons, a mini gog beaker bong, a metal pipe, a wooden pipe, and probably some more

  9. do u have a toro, sovernty, original zong or a luke wilson? not being a dick or anything but if so serious props
  10. i didn't mean i had EVERY piece that would be fucking impossible, you knew what i meant lol
  11. Clear glass chillum
    Glass purple and yellow spoon
    Glass yellow and blue side-car bubbler
    6inch mini glass bong
    13 inch clear and brown peculated glass on glass bong
  12. idk some people have amazing colections and i didnt mean like every peices but those brands are pretty sick
  13. lol one day bro :smoke:
  14. -Two bongs, (ones a grommet so its outta commission)
    -A two chambered bubbler, a really old, small bubbler held together in multiple places with mighty putty haha.
    -Two small spoons
    -a bat one hitter
    -a home-made gravity and waterfall bong
    -a easy-vape
    -and zig-zag 1 1/4-1/2in. papers.
  15. One hitter
    Glass Bong
    Arcylic bong
    Glass Pipe
    ..And of course plenty of papers.
  16. umm, its kinda hard to say cuz i have some really crappy smoking devices that are hard to consider pieces. things that i actually smoke, 5 (sherlock bubbler, bong, 2 glass pipes, and a seashell which is naturally shaped like a bowl). on top of that, i have 2 metal pipes (aluminum, which means you inhale burned aluminum oxide whenever u smoke it), a bong with no bowl, and 2 vaporizers made out of test tubes (friend who moved away gave them to me). not even worth mentioning the non-glass improvised ones. and i think thats all, so 5 nice ones, 3 usable ones, and 2 improvised ones (but theyre all glass so i guess theyre still pieces).
  17. got a spoon, 2 bongs, and am adding a mflb to my collection mid next week. :smoke:
  18. Oh yeah I forgot I have an easy vape also :) I was using it last night
  19. u guys have some sick stuff
  20. 1 small orange glass pipe, which I use the most, I suppose. (Replaced my beloved small blue sherlock)
    1 Aluminum Vapor Genie, which I use sometimes, especially when I get a large amount of weed so I can cook with the vaped goods.
    1 small blue ceramic bong.

    1 Sharp Crusher Grinder, 4 piece.
    1 broken joint roller, 1.0 size

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