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How many peeps do other drugs and if so tell me (alchol and baccy and Mary jane dont)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. I dont im just wondering cause everyone on here seeems to do other drugs and if so i think that means that marijuana is a gate way drug (JK) but am i only one here that does not do other drugs?
  2. the gateway drug thing with weed is bullshit. most people start on caffeine or alcohol first. so that theory has been blown out of the water
  3. my first drug was aged 2, i guess that's the gateway!

    as for other drugs? who's paying?
  4. only weed! very happy to say

    everything else, cept maybe shrooms, seems a bit too expensive and risky. the last thing i would want is to be hooked on something that costs more than half of my income. as a matter of fact, i dont really want to be hooked on anything. thats why pot is so great!
  5. I used to do DXM a lot but then I started to do it too much so I just quit with that. Ive taken acid before but it didnt work. I take pain killers sometimes. My mom just gave me the old lecture about how drugs are bad but then she finally said the words I have been waiting to hear for the longest time, "smoking pot is okay because you can stop."
  6. I think that maybe I should have stuck to alcohol, weed, and cigarettes but I always liked to live life to the extreme and now I am facing a major felony charge. But pills (especially oxycontins, valiums, and percocets) seem to be like addictive little candies to me.

    And I have to say that I enjoy the occassional trip on shrooms and acid!!!!!! To leave reality for a lil bit is a good thing!!!!!! LOL
  7. i primarily smoke weed. no baccy or alchohol for me...

    as for other drugs... i limit myself to mdma (ecstacy), LSD, and shrooms. i'm not a big fan of pills because of the damage done to your insides, and how addictive they can become. also, i've never, nor will i ever put anything up my nose or in my veins.
  8. I don't know how many times i hear from people who don't smoke weed....."yeah look at that junky....he started on hash and got worse from there!"....well all i have to say to that is...."he started on his mothers milk...then he went downhill from there" out...Sid
  9. HIGH All, me I started on the Government's Drug (cigarettes) first (12yrs) then moved on to marijuana and as most teenagers tied what was mostly available acid (last trip 10yrs ago), shrooms (last trip 4yrs ago) and later on in life I tied coke...wasn't me.

    Our own homegrown is All I need (or what).
  10. ive smoked opium and done shrooms, and damn it was a fun time, but im mostly a potsmoker..... the other things are rarely available to me anyway
  11. mainly just smoke pot....drink alot too
    other drugs are hash, shrooms, coke and e
  12. i've done shrooms, speed, and coke. I've been drinking long before i found ms mary jane. I used to smoke cigs reguraly but i stopped because i figured i didnt need to kill my lungs w/two things.
  13. fuck no... i stay away from all harder drugs ... MJ is all i need
  14. Pot And Beer.....

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