how many pc fans can you hook up to a 12 volt DC

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  1. hi guys.. can you help

    how many pc fans can you hook up to a 12 volt dc

    thanks again
  2. It depends how many miliamps or amps you are pulling from the power supply. Check your power supply if its a 12v dc for a phone or something it shud be around 800ma to 1A. So you could run 2 fans of the same charger that pull 400ma - 500ma each.

    Just make sure u dont pull to many amps or exceed wot your power supply is rated at, thats when fires starts :p

  3. i have a 20amp 12V dc adaptor, i could wire 40 fans upto it at 0.5Amps per fan.
  4. Yea thats pretty much right, although u really wouldnt want to be using all 20amps just incase, id say hook up about 10, although i dont see why u would even need 10 :p

  5. i said i could :p, didnt say i was :)
  6. good point well made :p
  7. are you wiring in series or parallel?

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