how many papers do you think there are in a pack of zig zags

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  1. Like i think this thing replenishes itself because i havent ran out in a long time. not that im complaining but how many do you think are in a pack?
  2. 100 papers
  3. How many papers does it take to get to the center of a zig-zag pack?

    You should ask Mr. Owl haha
  4. 32 usually
  5. depends on what kind of pack you get i'm guessing? i don't know, i don't use zig zags.

    the elements and dlx's i use come with 50, but they're a lot thinner than zig zags.
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    i don't know what books of papers you guys are buying but they always say how many are in them. take this one example:


    if you look above "zag" you'll see "32 leaves".

    so there you are. the same number comes in these books too:


    edit - oh yeah, i'll throw in one of these too: /thread
  7. holy shit bro i havent seen that in the month that ive had it lol mustbe bcuz ive been high when looking at it lol
  8. it says 32 leaves, which directly converts into 420 papers, duh.....hahahahhahahaha

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