How many ozs to expect from a plant grown in a hydroponics system with optimum setup

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    Well the plant says it yields 400 grams per m2 indoors. I am not exactly sure what that means. We are going to get very good lighting nutes and such so how many could we expect from like 4 plants flowering at one time or is it random? Plan on using 400W HPS on our flowering side.
  2. shoot for 1 gram of grass per watt of HID ( your not going to get this right off ..but its a great target )

    there is no way to answer your question ..weight per plant is determined by growing style.

    per plant = 1/4 oz to 1Lb. it is more growers thumb then system ..even though the guy at the hydro store will tell ya otherwise..(but I ain't getting paid to tell ya bullshit.)

    thats square meter...and thats in thier ( the breeders) enviorment..which you are not going to match..and with thier growers which your not up to par with ....yet..

    not to sound like a dick ..but maybe you should read some more...there seems to be lots you havent thought out how old at start of flower your plants will be, or even if your growing an indica, or sativa dominant strain.

    if you are just in the process of looking for a strain ... I would sugest you look more inot ease of growing then into yields.. trust me the yields will come ..they will just come sooner if your plant is willing to forgive your nooby mistakes.
  3. the plants we are going to try to grow going to be a saliva/indica strain. So will prob be a shorter plant. The only thing i am not really sure of is how old to flower at thanks for the info thou :D
  4. Start to flower them when they reach approximately half the height you want them to finish at. Strains will grow differently, but if you expected them to double in size you won't be cramped!
  5. well i hope your not trying to grow saliva...just spit into a cup and you've got what you need. ;)

    as for yield, 1 oz per plant for a first timer is generally a reasonable goal...but you can get much more or much less than that. it all depends on your setup and how well you treat your plants. i think wharfrat's approximation of 1 gram per watt of HID is quite high, borderline ridiculous for an true beginner.

    as far as how long to flower...however long you want really. if grown properly with ample light, anywhere from 3-5 weeks (from sprout) is typical. the plant with double or triple in size when you start 12/12 flowering. in my experience a plant that has vegged with MH for 4-5 weeks will yield 3-4 ounces when flowered with an HPS (no LST or FIM'ing).

    hope that helps some.
  6. thanks Chiefton8 does hydroponics or soil change the yield?
  7. every one will argue that one is better than the other all day on here but grow one in both and see what you like better

    thats what im doing next grow im going to grow one hydro and 3 soil and see how it stacks up

    i dont really know but alot say hydro alot say soil but who knows

    check out my grow and tell me what u guys think:smoking:

  8. sorry was not clear enough... yes that is very high for a new grower...but a great target for growers.
  9. Any guess would be EXACTLY that.

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