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How many ounces of bud will one plant typically yield?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by brwnskinredeyes, May 11, 2012.

  1. just want to grow one plant and any pointers for a first timer grower?
  2. eh thats not really something you can predect it all depends on strain and how you grow it bro iv seen people grow bud outa just dixie cups using LST and they got about a ounce go look up LST (low stress training)
  3. Yeah, there is SOOO many factors my good man. The biggest two are the strain and the veg time. OG Kush will give you 300 Grams per square meter while big bang or big bud can get up to 800 Grams a square meter. Secondly the veg time. If you veg for say six months you can expect upwards of a pound per plant vs. a week will give you quite less.
  4. and dont do my mistake and transplant twice unless you want some super slow as plants :/ almost 2 weeks in and my plants still amost a inch tall...
  5. ok lets say one og kush plant for 1 month

    how much would that yeild?
  6. Amount of light? Nutes? There is about five more factors I am to tired to list.

  7. Your asking a highly variable question with no real answer. Everyones grow is different right down to the pot. Everything impacts that from nutes, pot size, type of light, environment, growing medium, strain, how long you veg for etc. Theres no real answer but its a question thats always asked. A good grow = a nice yield. Thats what you should focus on.

  8. How would anyone know that? You can grow a plant in a soda can..seen it done or a 20 gallon container. A 1 gallon container will net you a totally different yield then a 3 gallon one. Organic non organic, HID light or CFL or LED. Everything impacts it. Using just base nutes or are you using those and supplements which boost growth. Are you LSTing or not. Are you vegging under 18/6, 20/4 or 24/0. There are many mnay other factors....see how determing yield is very hard?

    People who own farms know say there corn yields. Why because everything is the same. Same strain, same amount of water, same amount of grow time etc. On say 1000 acres they can predict it because the conditions are exactly the same for there thousands of corn plants.

    For indoor cannabis growers thats rather impossible because theres a thousand variations of growing.
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    If you want a strain that yields high look into light of jah. But like the former replies say there are many different factors. A usual indoor plant yields around an oz. At the very least it's a good benchmark to shoot for, for your first grow.
  10. I always wondered this at first, but as previous posters had said when doing this for the first time you gotta understand that there are so many variables that come into play when cultivating. Even if you and a friend grew from identical setups at the same time, same nutes, etc. with same strain you guys would probably have different yields because of different phenotypes. As a beginner I would just set goals to just get through each stage of growth and not bother with what it will yield as you can worry about figuring ways to boost that later once you learn more about the process in its entirety.
  11. Honestly the easiest way to tell is to grow something, keep one as a mother, if you like the results, clone it and repeat and you should expect damn near the same results. The second you start from a new seed, the whole journey begins again.
  12. not only that, but if one of them messes up or runs into any issues that the other doesn't could drastically change yields.
  13. I think the answer is easy -- anywhere from zero to two pounds. ;)

  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB0W6XWOEvw]1.5 KG Medical Marijuana Plant - YouTube[/ame]

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