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How many of you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Drink alcohol?

    More than smoking weed?

    As much as?

    Just when you don't have weed?
  2. I get high daily.

    I rarely drink. When I do, it's usually beer or tequila. I don't drink to replace weed, though. Nothing can take MaryJane's place!!!
  3. i drink once in a blue moon, simply for the fact that it makes me hurl every damned time....ive only gotten drunk like 6 times my entire eve of last year, after graduation, three parties, and once for the hell of it, then i went hunting and passed out in the deer stand...i threw up in a plastic baggy so the deer wouldnt smell me :D
  4. I regularly smoke but I really dont like drinking.

    I'll take a shot here and there to catch a buz if i'm with a lot of friends or at a party or something, but I hate getting blitzed. I just perfer to smoke ol' Mary Jane. :-D
  5. Does anybody else chain smoke when they drink? Also I can never seem to smoke enough bud, what's with that?

    I only puke if I mix beer before hard-a. Except for the time I drank a fifth of tequilla by myself, I almost died. black puke all over, no good. Large goose egg on forhead, cracked rib, dog bite no big deal ;)

    Edit: Oh yeah Bright orange wax all over brand new leather jacket not cool.
  6. Let me first say.......Tequila is BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!!!! And yeah, I chainsmoke when I'm drinking. And the drunker I get, the more weed I want to smoke. LOL.

    I smoke marijuana daily but I also probably drink at least 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I like to have a drink after a stressful day at work so if it's been a really stressful week then I drink all 7 days. I don't drink as a substitute for weed though, I just like the buzz I get from alcohol as long as it's not tequila. Tequila makes me evil!!!!!!
  7. I drink heavily. I smoke MJ even more. But now I cant smoke Ive been binge drinking like crazy. Whiskey for me please. and I love my beer. ugh. Im really trying not to drink as much but well, living at the shore, 22 years old, with parties all summer..its a toughy.
    I was hammered the other night posting all kinds of crapola..then Im checking the boards out when my hands stopped shaking after a bloody mary breakfast the next mornin and Im reading, going, on my, oh geez..did I? was I? I almost thought this forum was gettin in my head while I was sleeping; telegraphing posts through some kind of physicpsychic phenomenon possibly, but most likely through electro-magnetic fields...i knew this place was powerful but damn...and so then I realized I had *no recolection of the evil things Ive done.
  8. drinking IS careful all you drunks ;)
  9. these days i may have a couple of beers a week, if i'm round a mate's and they're on offer. smoke about an eighth every day though... booze and bongs can be a very bad mix, as i'm sure people know well!

    why is it though, if you go out to a bar or something, you end up smoking at least as many cigarettes as you brought with you, quite often a further purchase is required! dammit...!
  10. I've had a few beers and whisky in my time and smoked afair amount of weed but cigarettes have been my bane, tobbaco by far is the worst habit you can have,.... smelly, stinkin, pukin habit. If I'd of just stuck to smokin pot when I was a kid I'd a been better off.

    Paul j Jamtgaard
  11. I used to drink more than smoke weed. For the past few months I've smoked weed more than anything else.

    I do find an ice-cold bud is great for the cottons though :D
  12. liq is always number three. id actually rather trip off of dxm and smoke weed then drink. besides that i smoke cigarettes, damn addiction started after i smoked weed cuz i'd always want one when i was how. no im addicted, and pissed about it, but oh well.
  13. What about you BudHead? You brought this subject up but you didn't answer it yourself. ;)
  14. yeah Bud Head, what's the deal? ;)

    I drink beer on a pretty regular basis, not every day but a few times a week... And those stressful weeks may find me in a dark-lit bar with a couple friends named Tequila & Jack. Sure sure Tequila is evil, but sometimes it's just something you have to deal with ;)


  15. I know, I already put myself on the donor (in need of) list for a liver...
  16. Well i'm not much of a drinker any more. When i was between the ages of 17 and 24 i had a guy who owned a liq. store who always stayed open late just for me. I'd drink a pint of JD or Tequila on a nightly basis. I was getting to the point that i'd have to have one when i woke up in the morning to wake me up.

    What finally made me wake up was, on a visit to the ex's parents (while very intoxicated) I had an emergency phone call from my parents. I had to drive 423 miles to get home. We left the ex's parents house at 11:35 Cst and i drove all the way home in 6hours and 15minutes. I DON'T remember the phone call or the drive! I had my oldest son in the car and that scared the hell out of me. He was only 1 and a half at the time.

    Now days I limit my drinking to one day every two or three months. I very seldom ever (tie one on) so to speak.

    Tequila= to kill ya!!!!
  17. but when i do drink...its hard liquor, or something specialty, aftershock, kahula mudlsides..cuz they are damn good.dont care what that makes me....i swore off is bad, it makes you fall down in your own piss.

  18. Haha! Yes! I smoke like a drunken sailor when I'm drunk. I don't even smoke cigs when im sober though. I only drink on occassion. I'd say maybe 1-2 times every other month. Drinkin' is in my blood so I can drink like a trucker and not puke.

    yes, I know i referred to sailors as big smokers and truckers as big drinkers. I was joking...kind of
  19. I prefer smoking bud to alcohol any day!
  20. I drink every few weeks at a party, and when its hard to get bud. Me and a couple friends will usually kill a bottle of JD or Vodka or something. Doing tequilla shots is fun, I don't find it to be the devil at all. In fact as long as I drink a lot of water when drunk I never get a headache, and I only puked from drinking once, I had hard liquir after about 5 beers...

    And yes I chainsmoke like a madman when drunk! I also never smoke ciggarettes when sober. Whenever I see someone spark up a cig I have to bum one from them. I never smoke weed and drink anymore, if I have weed I skip the alcohol. I get way too tired when I do both, and get bad headaches.

    be careful with Jack Daniels, it fucks me up more then anything in the world ;P.

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