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How many of you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. I want to find out how many of you do something to support our cause.

    I go to political gatherings in my area when i know the subject of marijuanna will be brought up. I have a few friends in office that have the same feelings towards legalising as i do.

    My opinion of legalising is the same as alcohol. No driving while under the influence, or doing it in public or on the job.

    I have a family member that will never enjoy the thrills of life due to a drunk driver that only had three beers. I don't think it is right to chance other peoples lives for a buzz of any kind.

    Please keep this on the good conversation level please.
  2. I went to the Million Marijuana March this past year, and we donated some $. In '96, I voted for Prop 215 here in California, which, thanks to confident voters, passed with flying colors 6 years ago. I also have written letters to my reps a few times, most recently to support new propositions to keep the Feds out of State laws so the DEA won't be able to bust or interfere medical clubs in our state...

    I've donated to a couple marijuana-legalising groups and an elderly couple fighting the fight from jail for mere posession/cultivation(for personal use)...
    I really wish I could do more, but am not sure what else to do. $ is very tight so even though I want to donate more $ I can't... We've thought about going to protests (there have been some protesting the busting of medical clubs in California) but they're always during work, which, neither of us can't really miss @ this point.

    Any ideas as to what I can do, write more letters? Are they really read sincerely by our reps?

    BTW, BudHead I have the same ideas about legalization as you do, the same laws should apply as they do with alcohol...

    keep fightin' the good fight, and I'm also curious to hear what other people do... And I'd appreciate it too if this keeps on topic as well.
  3. I go to any rallies that we may have here. I live near Knoxville so we have a big college campus that always has something going on pertaining to our cause.

    When my silver jar get's full, I use the money to pay for the ink and paper to print of flyers with the real facts asking people to take another look at the issue. I put them up everywhere.

    Every single week for several years, I have sent out mass e-mails to all my reps all the way up to George W. They have people to read those e-mails and it does help. Every month I make a few phone calls and never have I not got a follow up letter that was aimed at exactly what I called about. (My brother worked for a rather important politician for 16 years and now works for someone running for senate and he clues me in on when would be a good time for the extra pressure on the reps, etc...because what we have to say does matter but if a mass number of individuals all have the same opinion then they consider whatever the issue is to be a bit more important.)

    I really research candidates to see where they stand on the issue before voting and I always vote in the primary election, too.

    I sign petitions.

    I truly believe in the cause. It comes from the heart, I guess, so I'm passionate about it.

    What the people of Nevada have done has truly impressed and inspired me. They are going about it in a great and effective way.
  4. Wow I didn't expect so much. I also send mail to my represenatives and senators. I try to keep up to date on any local political groups that may be stirring up some rallies. My friends tell me all the time to get more people in my area and in the state to send E-Mails or regular mail to the reps for this state.

    Keep up the good work ladies!
  5. I just graduated high school so haven't really had much of an opportunity to be marijuana activist, but I plan on doing things when I go to school in the fall. Campus rallys and such. I heard that there is a big marijuana activist professor who does smoke-outs.
  6. I have to agree with RMJL about Nevada. They used to have some of the TOUGHEST lawes on marijuana posession, I met a guy once who had less than 3 grams on him, and ended up in jail there for 4 days before he could get released, and even though he was a California resident he had to freakin FLY TO NEVADA for court every month. They sentenced him to 30 days in jail, which he served, 200 hours of community service, which he served, and 5 years of probation. His 5 years of probation turned into about 7 because the judge wouldn't release him from probation in a timely manner, EVEN THOUGH HE DID EVERYTHING IN HIS TERMS OF PROBATION and never failed a single drug test.

    Finally when they released him from probation, the judge had told him they need less people like him in the world and if he was ever seen in Nevada again next time he wouldn't be "so nice".

    Talk about a nightmare? Nevada is doing a total 180, and I hope that many other states follow in its footsteps. RMJL is right, write those gov't officials, *someone* has to read their letters, and if they get enough letters, they'll realize, hey, there *are* people out there that are intelligent and want marijuana legalized, and care enough about it to do something. It's the least you can do for your favorite herb :)
  7. Yea, it should have the same limits as alcohol, accept the age should be 18 or over, since weed doesn't contain the many harmful side effects of alcohol.
  8. i wish i could do something but i have to be low key because of me being a minor and all but marijuan should be legal there is no readson except teh damn greedy government is doing evrything to keep it illegal for money reasons fuck them and there belief bunch of outta touch elderly brain washed assholes!!!!!!!!
  9. I've donated money to NORML every now and then, but thats as far as I have been able to lately help the cause. I really like their new NYC ad campain w/ the new mayor saying how he smoked pot.
  10. Most people don't understand that (as small as it may seem) Little things go a long way to making changes in our government. A million small things can be a very large result in the end!

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