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How many of you..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jahlovepeace, May 21, 2010.

  1. have told your doctor that you smoke weed? I personally haven't, I just got a new doctor and she asked me if I smoked and I told her no.
  2. why ?
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    when i was 14 i had just started toking, and someday i felt pretty bad so i went to the doctor and like i said, smoking was really new to me so she asked some questions checked some stuff to say that since all she checked was fine the most likely case would be that i just had a big flu (damn i was a wuss) so i got like scared shitless that it was something else cause by weed so i just said in front of her and my parents that i smoked... it wasn't pot-related so i had revealed to my parents that i smoked pot for nothing
    even though couple of days later i told them i had stopped until a year later when they found out again. i was still able to make them believe i had stopped again but when they found out the third time that i was smoking, i just didn't bother convincing them i had stopped i was 18 anyways.

    but i disgress, a doctor i had once knew i smoked pot.
  4. Not my GP or anything, but my psychiatrist knows that I use weed for my anxiety and condones it, because he agrees that it's working better than any of the medications that I've tried. I thought he'd at least say something negative about it considering it's still 100% illegal here.
  5. my dr doesnt really ask hahaha, he knows tho because before i let him perscribe me any thing i ask if its gonna interfere with me getting high, cause i wont take it if it will
  6. It depends on which doctor you are referring to, in my case.

    My main GP doctor does not know I smoke or use weed, nor does my psychiatrist, because they work at a large medical provider which does not condone the use of marijuana or smoking. I have many prescriptions which would possibly be eliminated by a good doctor who knew everything about me, but I don't have that set up right now. Right now I have to keep the weed to myself.

    Then, there is doctor number two, the Medical Marijuana doctor. He took one look at all the prescriptions I have for chronic pain and other things and that was enough medical history for him to prescribe medical marijuana for me. I have that one doctor who knows about it. He facilitated my being able to obtain marijuana.
    Yes, I am in California.
  7. I've told 2 doctors I smoke.

    The first time was cause I had a really bad lung infection. Doctor asked if I smoked, I told her I smoked marijuana. She ran some tests, took some x rays, and told me she didnt think it was from the weed but that I should stop smoking while I was sick. Which I was already doing. I'm pretty sure my lung problems were from the weed but whatever, I hadnt been smoking that long then. I was sick for 2-3 weeks and hen it went away.

    The second time I went into the ER for really bad abdominal pain. THey asked if I did any drugs or smoked. I told them just weed. I'm in Norcal so both doctors were like Ok, we get that alot. Turns out I had a bad infection in my bladded.

    The end.

    I'm pretty trusting of the doctors, so I told them. I plan on getting a medical card as soon as I have a job. I'm not a bad kid or anything, I dont have any other problems so I dont see the danger in letting them know.
  8. hell yes i told my dr. hes not the police. i have high blood pressure & he said 2 smoke in moderation 4 it. & eat healthy when i get the munchies. i just wouldnt want him giving me pills with out knowing whats in my body already
  9. When they ask if you smoke. I assume they are referring to cigs.

    But next time I go in there, i'll say sure.
  10. ya i tell all my doctors, never had a problem except for one. i almost sued one of them because he was a family friend from church (mormon, which probably didnt help because he thought i was a model churchgoer) and he told me i needed to quit smoking weed or he would drop me as a patient and i didnt care so i said i would, he drug tested me on the next visit, and it was before i realized doing hard drugs all the time was just stupid, so benzo's, opiates, and THC showed up. he told my mom about the results even though i was over 18. i couldve gotten that dumbass doctors license taken away for sure.
  11. I think you should tell them, I understand if you don't want your parents/doctor to know but sometimes it can affect the medication if they prescribe you anything.
  12. Just so you know, if you tell your doctor, then your insurance can get that information.
  13. I only go to doctors for serious illness or trauma. My wife is a reiki healer and I practice herbal medicine and the like. They are good for some things, doctors, though.

    She does her yearly womanly checkup but I never go for physicals.

    I've had doctors ask me and I'm honest about it. A doctor can't help you at all if you aren't honest about everything. Kind of defeats the purpose of having one.
  14. can your insurance drop you because of that? i would imagine so, they could easily just say its endangering your health. but why cant they drop you if you smoke cig's? because its legal? thats ass backwards IMO
  15. I've told doctors and never once had an insurance problem.
  16. good to know, i had a little panic right there, ive told every doctor ive ever had, and i really cannot afford to lose my health insurance.
  17. They can't tell them unless they can directly link it to the cause of a health problem. It's called Doctor Patient Confidentiality, not to mention the HIPPA act prohibits such things unless there's a direct health link.
  18. I told my doctor, my councilor, and most recently my psychiatrist that I smoke pot. There's no reason not to. If they were to say anything, yeah you might get possession charges, but you'd get a hell of a lot more out of them in court for revealing confidential information from your appointment.

    My doctor even knows that I take my Xanax on weeknights but I just smoke instead on the weekends. It's best that they know the truth anyway
  19. So basically unless they think my smoking is causing whatever health problem I am seeing them about it's all good? Ill keep that in mind
  20. Yes.

    I'm not saying you have to volunteer it, but if asked you should be honest or they can't fully help you.

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