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  1. Regularly work out?

    I'm at the gym five times a week. Though it's not out of vanity - I go because of all the lovely mental benefits. (Plus I'm VERY single and it helps me to deal with the fact I'm not getting any sex.)

    If you do, I want to know what and why!

    If not, would you ever consider it?
  2. I will ride about 15 miles on a bike every other day and lift weights on occasion. Get most of my work out from riding dirtbikes, though. I guess I do it because it's fun.
  3. I've always wanted to have a go at dirtbikes. Looks like one hell of a rush.

  4. hell ya it is.

    but then u fall and face plant the ground.
    dont ride a dirtbike after snorting ice:(
  5. I don't have a pass to the gym, so I don't really lift that much. I exercise at home occasionally. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, all that jazz. Like to keep myself good looking and tone, ya know?

    When I do go to the gym though (free passes, sneak in, whatever) I play basketball instead of lifting. That keeps me in pretty good shape I'd say. :hello:
  6. i workout everyday almost...not to the point where im obsessed with it, but enough to keep myself tone and in shape.
  7. I'm not into the gym but I go to yoga classes 5x a week and run every day. Exercise is addicting and weed+long bike rides is great too. It's making me too scrawny though :(
  8. Yoga is amazing. The first time I did it I felt incredibly high afterwards. What a win.
  9. I know! I never used to consider myself a yoga person because I'm not really into spirituality or anything metaphysical but it just makes you feel freaking amazing after! Plus it's a good strength workout without having to worry about bulking up.
  10. Yes. I really want to take it up again but there aren't any Yoga classes at the gym I go to. The only thing they do is "body balance" which is a mixture of yoga, tai chi (always wanted to try that) and pilates. Could be interesting though maybe I'll give it a go.

    Not that I need any help in chilling out. Ha.
  11. Everyday. I weight train Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and do interval cardio Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Saturday I usually play some sort of sport.
  12. I go to the gym at least five times a week. I like the challenge of seeing what levels i can take my body to.
  13. yes.....i'm a powerbuilder, which means i lift for size and strength rather than bodybuilding which is just for size. I guess you can say the size aspect is vain but i like being jacked, fuck it. but i am more focused on strength because i do parkour (look it up, too hard to explain). i am obsessed with doing crazy stunts that require lots of strength, balance, and other skills. lifting insane amounts of weight makes me feel like a fuckin god and gets me hyped, it really is addicting. i stretch a lot too and do a couple of yoga exercises.

    i try to gym it up 4 times a week with my hectic work/school schedule but it doesnt always workout. i still retain a lot of my strength because i eat 5-6 meals a day though.
  14. I can't stand the fucking gym but I play baseball / basketball / volleyball at least five times a week
  15. I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I don't want to get huge, still pretty strong just more defined than massive. I just like the thought of being able to mold my body to my liking through hard work, the confidence that comes with having a good body and being physically dominant is nice too ;).

  16. Come in handy when running from the cops? ;)
  17. know what i mean?
  18. I have to train for my sport although I do most of it for personal satisfaction...that and I dont get laid often.

    My old routine used to be:
    Stretch till loose
    4 sets of 20 sit ups
    3 sets of 15 push ups
    Walk 1 mile then Run 1 x 3

    My current one is less on the amount and more timed:
    Stretch till loose
    10-15 min of Skippin Rope
    20 min bike ride
    20 min where I have to fit in sit ups, push ups, dips, step ups, pull ups, squating, and other things
    Then drive to the beach to cool off with a brisk jog

    For the most part its not the working out that keeps me in good shape but my diet which is near perfect.

    I love working out because it makes me feel like a new person after everytime I do it.
  19. Man..I was so dedicated to working out all throughout high school. It's such a fucking good feeling...exercising, especially when you're making strength and size gains every week. It was like the highest of highs for me. Haha, I took 2 years off from it, and I now realize just how good it makes you feel. I've been back in the gym for a couple of weeks now,

  20. Yeah I love it! It gives you energy throughout the day and motivation. Also it stops the negative affects of bud, such as feeling lethargic. I train tuesdays and thursdays and hit the gym mondays and fridays, maybe sundays depending on how mashed i get on saturday :)

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