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Discussion in 'General' started by Reggin, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Are bummed that the City is going to be down all Sunday evening. :(.

    Oh, well. It's sad and depressing...but we'll all move on. This thread is kind of pointless, but seriously, if you're bummed that GC will be down Sunday night, the most boring night of the week, feel free to post here.

    Let us hear your sorrows.
  2. We should plan an AIM Party... Themed "GC is down!"

    I've got some soda and beer that I can bring... Just gotta run to the gas station to get some ice.
  3. lets all do it!
    assuming you are actually talking about instant messanger.
    everyone leave your sn's.
    then we will pick someone to start a chat session.
    and we can all be there :cool:
    mine is outoflinelg btw
  4. I'm down for an AIM party, i'm allergic to ice though. Why will the site be down, maintenance?
  5. Yes, green. Let's do it. I'm down for the party. Seriously.

    partxdeux <----- IM Sunday night, green.

    I just realized you've IMed me before.


  6. [​IMG]
  7. I am. But I'll probably just play some GTA IV and vape some Pineapple Trainwreck.
  8. I want a vape. I'm gonna be picking up another sack and possibly some shrooms.. I'm pumped. :D
  9. Sweet! I want to eat some mushies!
  10. I'm down for the chat. Fightthruthenite on AIM.
  11. [​IMG]

    It says so on the site. :p

    Niceee, eleven, it doesn't happen to be a Volcano, does it? My main holmie, by main I mean my only friend, picked up a Digi Volcano a couple of weeks ago. It's fucking sweet.
  12. I'll bring sandwiches..
  13. i was going to post sumthing

    but didnt wanna type it all out

  14. Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to Grasscity! :p
  15. Ill get over it. Somehow.
  16. Server stuff or are we getting an upgrade?

    Anyways, AIM's LovesAndrewMore and I'll be on more than likely. I'm getting more of the herb tomorrow so I'll be blazed Sunday for sure.

  17. nice. never saw that one.
  18. I don't care, cause Sunday is my 21st birthday. I'm gonna be partying with my coworkers getting wasted for free!

    And my AIM is tealoli
  19. AIM:Burnttwaffle

    hit me up:D
  20. where do u get these gnarly pictures with snide internet insults on them???

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