how many of you

Discussion in 'General' started by Palmer Eldritch, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. actually go into Art section of this forum on a semi-regular basis?

    Sometimes I find it frustrating how segregated the topics are. The majority of people stay in the Recreational, General, and Grow sections and few people check out the other sections it seems. Are people here not interested in art, music and philosophy or is it that the few new topics that may pop up in those sections are out of the way for normal browsing? I go to art dedicated forums, but none have the size of community that GC has. Its hard to believe that there are so few people who want to share their art/music work.
    It makes posting in there not worth the time. It might be a popular thread elsewhere but it'd also be off topic. kind of a shitty situation for those who are in there

  2. I feel you man. I try to visit all of the sections, but I wish more people would post stuff in the Artists Corner, Real Life stories, etc...
  3. i do every time theres new stuff and ill be posting some art soon
  4. I post/check there occasionally. There is some amazing talent on these boards. It's too bad a lot of people are missing out on it. Maybe because of this thread the numbers will increase a bit...
  5. Its funny that i'm an artist yet, I dont think iv ever even clicked on that section before. I'll stick to my general.


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