How many of you would rebel against the Gov. if it meant your life

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Jan 15, 2004.


would YOU?

  1. yup

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  2. nope

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  3. i'll get back to you when i feel the time has come to make that decision

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  2. muther fucker

    i just typed for 20 minuts and when i submited it said i was not logged in and lost the whloe fucking page!!!
  3. nothing is going right

    everything is falling apart arround me


    would i fight ...your gawdamn right i would fight!

    im tired of being steped on

    im tired of living in a system that keeps us all living as slaves ....

    im tired of the way we are being taught to worship tecknowlagey

    we sit and stair into the world they want us to believe in ...only to be decived over and over again....

    yet we always return to the warm glow and the safe feeling of those pixels hitting you in the face....

    would i fight ....i would gladly die...

    im tired of a world full of people who think it is dumb to walk a cupple blocks to the store when you have a car full of gas...

    im tired of a world full of people who live there lives hidding from being alive ....

    stop hidding in your favorite escapes ...and get up

    stop being so inactive ....

    you want to feel alive ...get up go out and push your self....find the place inside the zone ...covered in sweat..museles screeming in defiance ...air coming in gasps to lung filled with the fire....the fire that is life...

    get up and expeereance!!!stop watching others do it ...and do it

    they dont want us to excell

    they want us to think we are week

    becouse we we belive it ....they can keep us under controle!
  4. and under controle is not where i want to be....

    fuck this place

    here there is no great or noble life ...thse with riches....had to steel them ...had to stand on the backs of there brothers and take every advantage they could minipulate...

    just becouse you relise that a sertain corse will give you what you want ...does not mean you have to follow it ?

    and how did you decide what your goles are?

    whose advice are you following?

    becose if you know some one who has it all figured out i want to meat them...

    there are not many happy people in the worl anymore....or where there ever ....many happy people in the world?

    is there realy such a thing ...becouse ever time i have seen it has found reason to take leave of me...

    you see it seems my life is falling in apon itself again ....

    and all the kings horses ...

    and all the kings men

    are haveing a hell of a time trying to keep the dingususu together


    good feeling ...

    wont you stay with me....

    just a little longer

    always seems like your leaving ...

    when i know the other one just a little to well...

    vage scech of a fantacy ...

    laffing at the sun rise

    like hes been up all night,...

    oh...good feeling wont you stay with me ...just a little longer

    you know

    you know

    it always seem like your leaving...

    when i need you here ....

    just a little longer......
  5. they\'re practicing with immigrants right now, they\'ve started placing ankle bracelets on people with expired visas who might try to stay. They take your fingerprints or you can\'t even come into the country. The guys in power most definitely like to test their power over and over again, the more they can get away with the more they\'ll do, what the fools don\'t take into acount is that they won\'t always be in power, but the things they\'ve done to get power will be
  6. i sometimes rant about those in power.

    \"power\" ha.

    theft makes one powerfull does it?

    no way, i\'ve had it wrong.


    read the last three DINGUSUSUSUS posts... THATS POWER!

    *raises fist in the air*

    unite brothers!

    go LIVE a LIFE. thats what its there for.

  7. excelenent link grimlin.

    i\'ve seen many analysis of the events of 9/11, many far more in depth and detail than that. but that one does leave you with only the most conclusive and compelling explanations of how, in the words of the late great Bill Hicks,

    \"Shit! They\'re Lying to us!\"

    Q. how do you fit a boeing into a pantagon shaped hole?

    A. no one knows, its never been done, its never happened.

    some of the news footage that i\'ve seen is so cheaply doctored. and i know my shit when it comes to image manipulation. i\'m a graphical guru and they made some SERIOUSLY AMATURISH mistakes and shortcuts.

    the first question that should lead anyone into seeing wtf has been going on is how such events could happen in the first place. they cant! there\'s protacall to be followed, to send up some migs after any plain that leaves its chartered path, orders that can only be countermanded with a direct order.

    why would they do this?
    this is why:
    4 very important links

  8. do not conform my brothers...!!!!!

    for within the warm tight hold of conformity you will lose all that ever may have been yourself!

    in the great melting pot we are mixed and blended untill all the flavor is unrecognizeable....and all you can taste is the sailt!

    would i fight....?

    just let me find the chance....

    see the devil on the streets at night...

    see him running in the pooring rain..

    see him grin beneth the twisted light

    I\'ll be back again...

    see the people standing in a row ...

    see them nodding like a feild of grain...

    no one see\'s the sickle tho...

    comming accrossed the plane...
  9. armed revolt is not something to be taken lightly. But the question arises of, \"Where do you draw the line?\" When they take away your right to a fair trial? When they take away your right to free speech?
    It is a difficult question, and one that merrits serious thought. Personally, I would be prepared to revolt, even if it cost me my life, but I don\'t know if I would run away when the moment came. Truth is, none of you do.

    But how would we revolt? The government has taken away firearms, and they continue to do so. I\'m just wondering how we would scratch if we\'ve been de-clawed.
  10. ...if not rebelling meant a life not worth livin then ...yes...of course...

  11. The same way Ghandi did, the same way Martin Luther King did, the way that has worked the most often over the last 200 years (notice that the rebels during the civil war don\'t have holidays and schools named after them, whether or not their cause was just they used violence to gain control and it didn\'t work).

    Personally I\'d hide from the government and do a lot of clandestine propaganda in the middle of the night (graffiti, etc.). If it got to the point that i was doing that chances are they would\'ve labeled me a terrorist (that\'s their tool of trade) so we\'d have to work really hard to dismiss that rumor, they might even blame horrible attacks and catastrophes on the peaceful rebels...

  12. Wow that sucks you didn\'t know how to get around that. You have to hit BACK twice and then resubmit when it promts you. That has heppened to me before and I was pissed that I had lost my post, but I got lucky and figured it out.

  13. to take such action and avoid being branded a \"terrarrist\", spread a message of peace with your \"people\'s counter-propaganda\". i\'d like to see them call you a terrorist after writing PEACE under a CND symbol. :D they\'d probably try, but few would believe it, thus further discrediting themselves.
  14. I would really like to say that I would, but I have no idea what I would do in a situation like that.

    But that is a nice link there, Grimlin...I never heard about the original truck story to begin with...never looked that the Pentagon pictures enough to even wonder about it being something other than a jet.

    That is very scary.

  15. I was thining of things like \"I\'m not a terrorist mom.\" Things that would make people realize how absurd it is to think that their own people would fight against them to the death. I used to think that once their lies became too preposterous that they\'d be brought down, but once they started calling stoners terrorists and getting away with it my opinion changed.
  16. I\'m just waiting for the revolution
  17. of fourse, i\'d rather kill for my freedom than die for it.

  18. when i tryed going back it sent me to a blank post respose page...

  19. yeah, cos we all know the revolution is just gonna happen all by itself. :rolleyes: wake up. gat active. make it happen, cos it wont if you\'re just waiting.

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