how many of you would actually chill around IRL with GC people?

Discussion in 'General' started by HelloFriend, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I would, but the stupid thing about the Internet is usually that everyone can be friends and what not on the Internet, but the experience has shown that once those people meet up, there is nothing to talk about, or they end up not chilling together at all..... you know what I mean ? :/
  2. I'd smoke with tons of people on this site:smoke:
  3. This.

    And LSD being one of the people!
  4. There's so many people on this site that I would love to meet!

    But then there's a quite a few who I would prefer to stay far away from :smoke:
  5. what if I told you 1.8 out of 2 blades are convicted sex offenders?
    anybody wanna hang? :smoking:
  6. It goes both ways. No one can tell what a persons personality is like off of the internet.

    You dont need courage, and it doesnt matter if your shy. But these affect face to face interactions no matter what.

    Hence why i think facebook is the death of face to face contact.
  7. Yeah, I tottaly forgot... It would def. be awsome to smoke with the people on here. :)
  8. What if two sex offenders meet up?
    Which one offends the other with sex first?

    Edit: There's plenty of people here that I owe a session.
    Though I wouldn't want to start naming names and being all exclusive and what not.
  9. I can't name anyone in particular yet, but I'm sure there are some people I'd chill with. I tend to hate people though.
  10. yea there's a few people i would be down to chill with.

    especially blazedcannabis lol
  11. A lot of people around here seem cool enough. Not all of them, but the thing is that most of them will tend to behave worse on the 'net. So many decide to be a jerk for no good reason other than they can without consequences. The possibility of getting popped in the mug tends to make a lot of people behave a bit better.
  12. im down with some yall mothafuckas
  13. Love to smoke with some of you.
  14. A handful. They know.

    But it aint like anyone's on a pedestal or anything...Just got a case of the paranoids.
  15. Im totally down:hello::cool:
  16. I always wanted to bump into a GC member by accident..... ahahah.
  17. I actually met up with an fellow GC member, the day ended up pretty wavy taking hits off that Sour Diesel.
  18. I would smoke with all of you
  19. Hell yeah. Not everyone, but a lot of people

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