How Many Of You Use Text Language.

Discussion in 'General' started by Skunky Monkey, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I don't i have a phone with a keypad so i have no need to, but it annoys the shit aout of me when people post in text on here like i saw a thread the other day called wats gd wid ma plnt < ------ I mean what the fuck it's only like 1 word away :rolleyes:.
  2. The shortened version makes it sound OFFICAL.

    CLB. <----Offical bitches.
  3. I usually always type full words and sentences with punctuation on forums and text messages.
  4. I can understand text talk clearly so I really don't mind it, but I don't ever type/text like that.
  5. i try to text and type with proper grammer...
    but my phone sucks and some of the keys dont work. so i end up looking like an idiot anyway.
    and when im typing stoned i usually overthink everything... and when i try to fix a typo i just fuck up the entire post

    ... so yeah im dumb hahah
  6. Don't mind me I'm just being a grammar nazi. :D
  7. yur poll shks.
  8. I use Swype so it would be harder to use text language than normal language.
  9. I don't text much, in fact, I hardly even use my cellphone, but when I do, I prefer dos equis~:laughing: Nahh, I'm just messing around, but yeah, when I do use the text function on my cellphone, I use text language so I can have room to text everything I want to say in that one text. I only know a few, like lol, wtf, and w/e. But a lot of the time I read text language and I don't what the person is talking about:laughing: It throws me off every time xD
  10. Nope.

    It's a bad habit anyways.
  11. Fuck that shit, I write properly no matter what I'm doing.
  12. If im texting or on fb I do, but I usually don't on forums. Except for the obvious Op's and lol's
  13. I do it for txt purposes, but otherwise, I speak very eloquently.

    Doesn't bother me.

  14. And fb's :p:laughing:

  15. Yeah, I usually don't talk in text language. But I know people who do say "brb" in real life. At first I thought it was weird, but now everyone uses text language outside of texting and I'm starting to get used to hearing it.
  16. I hate it. It makes people sound dumb and is harder to read than proper english.
  17. The only text language that I use is the lol/lmao/lmfao combination.
    Other than that I can't stand it when people say "wat" instead of "what".
    Gets annoying after a while.
  18. i add extra letters when i text, and i dont really mind capitalizing sentences, but for the most part i do write out somewhat proper sentences.

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