How many of you see floaters?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ẅest Čoast, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I have always seen them since I can remember. They are usually just a bunch of clusters of cell looking dots that usually just scroll downwards, matrix style. I don't just see them all the time. I would have to stare at something for a second and notice them.

    A few minutes ago I was looking through a 60x microscope and saw only 1 floater, that has a worm like structure with a tail and all. It's not something on the leaf I was looking at with the scope, it followed(floated) with my eye movement. Looked through the scope with my other eye, and nothing.

    it looks like this

    Does anyone else see weird shaped floaters like that?
  2. Yea, they're normal to see though aren't they?
  3. Yup looking at one right now. It running from my eyes little bastard
  4. You are in the norm if you notice them, most people can see floaters. Just debris in the vitreous fluid in your eye moving around (it's moving around, otherwise we would just block out the "noise" and only certain people would be able to notice floaters).

    Fun to concentrate on though. Usually the first steps people take in learning how to do Astral Projection or other OBEs.
  5. Yeah, I have a shit load of them all the time. It's worse out in the sun.
  6. I always heard that they are usally small imperfections in your eyes that were caused while you're eyes were developing.
    I read an article, where they said it's common fo people to see the same "shape" and "type" of floater through out their life.
  7. ^ that's the thing, today was the first time I've seen a floater of that shape in my picture. I usually see just individual dots that look like cells. But this one had like some kind of virus cell structure lol

  8. I know what you mean. I have a bunch, and they're all different shapes and sizes.
  9. Mine are typically the same. It seems like there are 3-4 different repeating patterns and then sometimes there is a new pattern. I swear one set of 3 looks like Orion's belt..
  10. I have a massive horse head nebula sized one where my retina tried to tear off (thank goodness for lasers)

  11. I do too! they are easier to see under the sun for some reason. I just started noticing them a while back and was like wtf is this?
  12. Si, si senora.
  13. What the fuck, I was always wondered what that was
  14. They're normal.
    It's easy to spot them if you look at a white blank piece of paper or a clear sky.
  15. I tried getting them high by hot boxing my bathroom.
  16. yes, they are completely normal though.
  17. All the time. It used to scare me, thought I was going mad or losing my vision until I did some research and found out it's normal.

    Still, they're very persistent and strong for me, like if I look at the sky for more than 2 seconds it's chock full of them, every day. This has only been going on for the past half a year or so, it never happened during my teens so maybe it's part of developing like a poster above said.
  18. When you should be worried about floaters-I had this happen 3 years ago and those "bright flashes of light" are something....

    Retinal detachment - PubMed Health

  19. I see floaters ninety percent of my day, I focus on them more than the conversations I have with people. They're way more interesting.
  20. One of my good buddies sees them all the time, no matter what and it's always a shit ton of them. He actually went to the doc's office and they told him something is up and they put him on some random ass anti-biotic eye drops for a while. He almost needed surgery.

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