How many of you played with fire as a kid?

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  1. *raises hand*
  2. that's thats the recipe for homemade napalm.
  3. i've made napalm before, its gasoline and dish soap.

    makes a pink stick super flammable substance that burns forever.
  4. As a kid I owned many Airsoft guns, and I would take the C02 cartridge fill it with Screecher powder and put a fuze in it.

    Fuck it was LOUD.

    Sent shrapnel EVERYWHERE:bolt:
  5. i remember i liked burning stuff with a magnifying glass, that continued to making coke and chlorine bottle bombs and throwing them in the river :D:D
  6. Me and a buddy were walking around some apartments we lived in.I was around 13,we smoked and he threw the roach in the trash.In one of those big dumpsters,big mistake.We came around again and that bitch was on fire,lol.Flames well over 10ft.Not exactly playing with fire but still good times.
  7. I still do 2 years ago my dad went up to washintin and spent 1200 on fireworks that were half off
  8. We used to do so much shit.....Throw c02 bottles from pellet guns in the fire, amazing now that none of got killed by the shrapnel.
    We used to build fires at the beach in San Diego (fiesta island) and bring a transmission case from an old volkswagen to throw in. Case was made of magnesium, once they got hot enough to burn it was like a little sun..........imagine a thousand arc welders all going off at once. The fire dept. could'nt put it out, just had to let it burn.........
    Using gas to clear brush from our BMX track and trying to kill a huge wasps nest wound up setting a railroad bridge on know the wooden ones that are soaked in creosote....Oh Fuck, the flames were a hundred feet high, firefighters managed to save the bridge and my friends I got the opportunity to donate our fingerprints,photos,money and time to the California Youth Authority. 30 days in juvie for that one......
    Sparkler bombs...............
    Seal bombs.........
    Acetelyne ballons......
    Good times
    peace B
  9. I got picked up by the fire chief for lighting flags on fire in front of my friends house when I was like 11. Had to go to a fire prevention meeting or some shit too.
  10. A hell of a lot haha, I was obsessed with it, it got to the point where my mother called out a fireman to come and have a "talk" with me about it and show me a video in which a house burns down........yeah..
  11. Man, I used to burn shit and make small explosives all the time until once, at boy scout camp, two friends and I ended up burning down a big ass field because it got a little out of control. Biggest adrenaline rush ever lol. Ironically that was the first weekend I sampled the herb :smoke:
  12. recently tried to burn a tarantula we found in the street w/ wd-40. too bad the lighter was out of fluid. but yeah every time it saw the big ass ball of flames it just booked it. it was sooo crazy. but yeah my friend ended up running it over with his car cuz we couldn't KILL IT WITH FIRE!

    haha this thread just reminded me how much i love fire! :hello:
  13. It is a miracle I have never consumed by fire.
    I have had too many close calls.
  14. I loved and still love fire, it is just beautifully interesting.

    My cousin Adam and I were camping when we were young kids and playing with the lighter fluid, spraying it into the fire, well the stream caught fire and went into the bottle while Adam was holding it. He got second and third degree burns on his legs, junk and stomach. I knocked him over and rolled him out, then wrapped him in a cool wet blanket, and we took him to the ER, Yet next summer we still played in the fire.
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    I remember when i was younger i would make flamethrowers, cannons with muzzleloader powder, and all sorts of homemade bombs i could make professional style bottle rockets and mortars and had all the materials to do it. Then one day me and some of my friends were at the park and decided it'd be funny to blow up some toilets. I didnt know one black cat could blow the bottom out of a urinal but it did and when the cops started questioning a kid who was there at the time he told on me and the other guy who did it. I just grew out of it after that.
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    Yep big time. I have like 30 scars on my hands/legs, from burning things all through my childhood. I almost burnt the house down once, I used a printer ink syringe to fill a kinder surprise egg full of gas, I lit it and ran around the corner of my house. I heard a pop sound so I ran around the corner like 8 square feet of siding was on fire. Me and my buddy also torched our back alley one summer, it got out of control lol.

    I've calmed down as I've gotten older, but when we go camping I do the fire.

    It's actually quite a miracle that I didn't get seriously injured, I had alot of close calls throughout my childhood haha. We used to do the stupidest shit though. Like teeing off golf balls from my back yard and hoping the went over the houses behind us lol. We smashed a window once, but the owner of that house' son had a party and accidentally burnt the house down soon after haha.
  17. I've always been a big fan of fire. Been burning stuff since i was like 5 or 6. My carpet at home has burn holes all over it, and the desk i'm using right now has a huge burn mark from a lamp that burned through it like 7 years ago.
    Burned down a decent sized tree, blew up garbage cans, all sorts of fun stuff. Fire and explosives are great for burning off steam! HAHA
  18. I was a huge pyro-junkie.... Still kinda am!
  19. I did... and now I look like this!!!!!!!!!

  20. i used to do minor things i would take a steel bowl and some old newpaper and burn it under may deck i just liked watching it. FAIL:devious:

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