How many of you played with fire as a kid?

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  1. I plan to when I do it. I'm kind of sleeping on it right now, lol.
  2. i like to light marijuana on fire from time to time
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    How can ya be a man and not play with fire as a child? I tried to burn the forest down once. I tried ta burn the house down with a grease fire (forgot to turn the range off after cooking some eggs). I just put some wood on the fire! Gotta keep the house warm.

    Hope your not smoking hemp, Hemp God. You got the best fire covered.
  4. Yes I was always very entertained with fire, used to try to find different shit to throw into the Firepit back in the day when we went camping. Then one day when I was in the 5th grade:confused: some other idiot ass kid that was with us camping, and he was even more of a Pyro, threw a fucking battery into the fire. And well some little girl was by the fire and...yeah she got burned by the explosion. So I took a step back from throwing things into fire business, but on occasion I like watching stuff burn still.
  5. Set the lamp shade next to my bed on fire when I was 12, just to see what would happen. My mom wasn't too thrilled about that one. :eek:

    Real question is how many of us still do ? :devious:
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    My single greatest pre-teen creation.
  7. Hell yeah man playing with fire was one of the cheapest ways to have fun.

    I actually got a new comcast remote the other day, and was thinking about filling the old one with thermite and then..well you know...
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    Back when I lived in MA I lit up one of my mom's dresses in the closet, and the fire spread... a lot. :eek:
    Almost burned down the entire apartment... fire fighters came and had to put it out. They blamed it on someone leaving a stove on or something.

    I was barely five. :devious:
  9. Yeah. I set a forest on fire, a field, a human, a car seat and pretty much anything I could come into contact with fire on fire.
  10. lets just say i still do
  11. i love fire when i was like 5 i set the backroom in my grandmas house on fire.. my mom told me i tried to set my brother on fire but i dnt remember.. when i was 9 i set an apartment building on fire my mom even recorded it untill she found out i set the fire.. i still play wit fire i like to spell things alchohol on the counterand light it and put some on my hands and set them on fire
  12. First experience was when I was 8 lighting shit on fire behind my house. It was just lighting birthday candles at first :devious:

    Then a few years later involving body spray, and matches I basically got fire blown into my face.
  13. At like 6 or 7 I collected matches lol. I'd get a lighter, and go into the toilet, set fire fto fucking loads of toilet paper, and then throw it into the toilet bowl :) Ahh good times...can't count how many times my Mum thought the house was on, 4...haha ;) and at like 12 or 13 I started smoking the ends of the roaches, I actually got pretty buzzed from literally one small toke, I felt giggly :p Haha good times
  14. I think guys, boys, and men all still love fucking fire. Everyone guy I know played with fire in one way or another. It destroys things, it creates, it illuminates, and it defeats darkness.I think the idea of fire blows our little minds from the get go as kids.

    In fact, I enjoy collecting lighters and I carry one even though i dont smoke cigs...I love fire.

  15. yea starting fires and blowin shit up was always good shit

    scary how fast it can spread tho
  16. One of the coolest feelings is being able to control fire to cause projectiles. Potato guns are really really fun.
  17. Here's my resume:When i was about 9 my grandfather owned abunch of antique shops and had a 5 gallon water jug full of match books, well i took some out and would lite one and then set the whole book on fire, i really liked this chain reaction so i stuck a lit match in the whole jug and ran, shit was like c4 or something it shook pictures off the wall people where running and screaming.My grandfather was laughing his ass off, but he was a nut as well so....Then when i stared to skate my friend and i would mix styrofoam and gas to make a paste and spread it on hand rail and boxes, and skate across them. Their is a whole book worth of stuff but i am not gonna get in to details lol
  18. Damn... All this fire talk got me wanting to make a real pyro type fire. So when I went hiking yesterday I just started a couple of dry grass clumps on fire... LMFAO
  19. Dude I'm gonna be a fuckin pyro till the day I die, don't worry though I'm super duper responsible!!!
  20. Me and my brother used to make pokeball grenades with plastic pokeball toys + model rocket engine stuff that we ground into fine powder.

    Tip: Grinding model rocket engine stuff into fine powder is highly dangerous.

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