How many of you like punk?

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  1. Now I always hear weed of being the hippy drug, or gangsta, but how many of you listen to punk rock?
    I myself am an avid punk fan. Favorite bands include The Clash, Adolescents, Black Flag, Cock Sparrer, Warzone, Andrew Jackson Jihad amongst others.

    Anyone else with me on this?
  2. Jawbreaker, Descendents, and Hot Water Music for me
  3. Just say NO to dudes wearing tight girl pants... punk people need to be made fun of in highschool until they go into hiding. :cool:;)
  4. I used to be one of the kids wearing tight patched up jeans in high school.
    Yeah, i got made fun of. I really didn't give a fuck though. Theyre all homophobic pieces of shit(no im not gay), in the end of the day I know who was the more intelligent one. Atleast my pants fit, unlike the stupid gangstas with jeans around their knees.

    Anyway, im more into hardcore anarcho punk. Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Conflict, Antischism, Witch Hunt, Subhumans to name a few. And folk punk like Mischief Brew, blackbird RAUM, Hail Seizures.

    Gotta pay respects to the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, and The Clash for getting me into punk though.
  5. I like the weird strains of punk. Folk-Punk like Mischeif Brew, Johnny Hobo, and Defiance, Ohio. Celtic Punk like the Dropkick Murphys, and cowpunk like Social Distortion. Also regular punk like The Ramones, The Misfits, The Descendents, and The Clash.
  6. tbh i like most music i play in a band we play punk rock .. well i play bass so i don't do much im morless the bands dealer.... but yeah

    i love all music from eek a mouse to realy heavy metal and some rap.. olny some tho

  7. Dude! I saw Johnny Hobo play in Berkley not too long ago. He's a great guy.
  8. Very nice! I'm sure it was a good show.
  9. I like a lot of punk that came out of the 90's but not really the older stuff. I've never been able to get into it for some reason. Maybe I've just heard the wrong stuff. Any recommendations on good singles?
  10. Listen to The Stooges' self titled
  11. hell yeah i would always get downto some punk my freshman/sophmore year but i listen to more hip hop now

    but i got down to leftover crack, choking victim black fag, early misfits, the germs the dickies alot more too
  12. Don't know how punk this is, but well, its good:

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Phantom Limbs - Active Verbs[/ame]
  13. KMFDM (I consider them punk), GBH, the addicts, iggy pop, and some more of the other older shit for me.

    I've got a big kick for dirty south rap right now though.
  14. I'm down with a whole lot of punk (reggae and hiphop too)... fugazi, dillinger four, black flag, propagandhi, social distortion, op ivy-type stuff.

    Weed isn't really a punk-ish drug though.

    Punk is more like crank and PBR, though that isn't my style at all.
  15. I definatly love punk music, my mum and dad were into The Clash, The Damned etc. when they were younger. So, i guess i got bought up to love the music !
  16. I used to dabble in The Ramones and The Clash but I cant really listen to it anymore. Punk music is a bit too repetitive to me.
  17. I listen to all sorts of stuff, but punk has always been one of my first favorites. Older stuff like black flag, the germs, descendents, is all good. I like alot of newer ska/punk stuff too, leftover crack, spitvalves. Really i could sit here and name bands all day, but i'll give it a rest.
  18. just curious is there a deeper meaning to the tight pants or like how did that originate if anyone knows??
  19. Pretty much just fashion i guess. Every "rocker" wore tight pants in the 80's, when punk was at it's biggest. Punks have just kept the same fashion pretty much.
    I hardly wear tight pants anymore though. Fashion is pretty lame.
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    People who love all genres of music, can smoke cannabis.:D
    I covered punk a little in youth, listening to the classics; ramones, clash, misfits,
    sex pistols etc. But i didn't follow the fashion(i was industrial goth), fashion is a waste of time indeed.

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