How many of you knew Haiti existed before the disaster?

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  1. i know i dint
  2. I did. I believe I first learned of that hell hole playing GTA Vice City.
  3. I thought the existence of Haiti was common knowledge :confused:
  4. It's like Grade 3 Geography, man.

    I have been to Haiti before this happened, so yes, I was aware of the existence of such a place.
  5. Are you usually surprised by the existence of countries? :confused:

  6. I feel bad for your brain
  7. OMG - ever heard of Papa Doc Duvalier? Haitian Medical Schools? Geeze...what DO they teach in Social Studies these days?
  8. I remember a poster on GC a couple of weeks ago, who claimed he was supernatural (or something), that he was sent to repopulate the earth, as told by his grandmother (who lived in Haiti).

    I wonder if he knows how they're doing.
  9. How old are you, dude?
  10. omg. geography bee loser
  11. If you didn't then you should just....nevermind I don't want to get banned.
  12. You never heard of Voodoo? Or those crazy ass Haitian gangs in america?
  13. The Haitian from Heroes.
  14. andre berto

    '04 hatian olympian (the entirety of their boxing team)

    now a professional fighting out of Florida

    Both parents are from Haiti

    haitian populations are huge in lots of large cities in florida

    haiti is a crazy country, with a rediculously interesting history

    worth a read for sure

    wikipedia is yo buddy

    knowledge is power, younglings

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  15. Yeah me too, that's kind of a weird coincidence. Too bad it got deleted.
  16. Are you serious?:confused: :facepalm: ....where the fuck is the facepalm emoticon?
  17. Wow, I can't stand ignorant Americans.

    Get off your fat asses and look at a globe for a change!

    This is coming from an American, so don't give me that "go back home" nonsense.

    My aunt didn't even know that the USSR dissolved...she still thought East and West Germany were separated. I am ashamed of this stuff.

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    Lol at you for not knowing about haiti.

    Edit- As opposed to ignorant french people? I think it's better to just hate ignorance in general.

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