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How many of you have been arrested and charged?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by odoylerules1021, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. How many of you have been arrested and charged do to marijuana?
  2. I was searched for pot including a couple friends when we were bottlenecked by a 3 cops in a park (we only had a little under a 20 bag on us) but never charged or arrested so i really dont know why i posted; FREE BUMP FTW!
  3. Yes both arrested and charged but not for marijuana...
  4. ^^^
  5. never arrested but ive been charged with possesion of under 100 grams five times and i always cop a plea to disorderly conduct... thats how it works in my local cort system,but i have freinds who have plead guity to the pot charge on their first court appearace and they have to pay 100 bucks +court cost,and lose their licence for 90 days mandatory...never plead guity to anything on your first apearance!!!
  6. Been smoking a year and a half and never even came close to being caught. Im too organized to get caught. And believe me i smoke EVERYWHERE.
  7. I have never been caught by a cop in my 7 years of smoking, but damn well close :p just dun smoke and drive. keep ur weed at home and always toke at ur own personal home. or at least private spot
  8. only time i got caught was in 8th grade wen i frst started gettin serious into weed. i got charged with possession in school and thats a felony then i spent a lil time in the juvenile detention facility or watever they called it but thats the only time.
  9. same, i did some stupid shit in high school
  10. rofl yeah mine had to do with posession of an IED in a public place. All in all it was about 4 felonies and 2 misdemeanors.
  11. yea i got a posession and a minor alcohol consumption and i ran from the po which is a felony but i didnt get charged.. all i had to do was go to this bullshit second time offendors drug and alchol class for 6 weeks
  12. same here
  13. Both. I have a long rat sheet.
  14. Dont you mean rap sheet?
  15. been smokin for 22 years, never charged. been busted with qp in my car by park ranger, he kept my weed , let me go. thats the closest ever.

  16. hahahah, thats what everyone says.

    i know some people are just careless, but the average person gets caught regardless of precaution, sometimes theres just no avoiding it.

    i have been arrested many times in my day. since about grade 10 the local police force all new me on a first name basis. i was never really a bad kid, but i was just the local poster boy it seemed. get drunk and you go to the tank. i would be picked up out of a group of 20 kids some nights. my mom always said it was because of my neon green sweatshirt than could be seen a mile away, even in the darkest of nights, but i loved it :D

    ive never had a charge though. just last month my assault on an officer and obstruction of an officer charges were dropped after 2 years in and out of court. god damn. they finally realized that they had no evidence because i didnt do anything!!! i just got my ass beat by an excited rookie

    ugh... i cant stand townie police
  17. Never arrested. Court date on the 9th of May for me however. :(
  18. I was arrested for possesion at the age of 14 some years back.
  19. I got charged with paraphernalia back when I was 16. Fucking cop had some attitude.
  20. what he said

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