How many of you have accidentally burned yourself during a vape sesh?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by supersm0ke, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Such as accidentally touching the hot metal/glass parts. Stories preferred.
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    Never have.
  3. removing ABV from my EQ when its still hot is terrifying.

    Here, touch this only slightly burning black part, so that your only in a little bit of pain.

    Now flip the bowl upside down while touching this black part thats melting your skin already, and avoid the 400 degree glass a half inch from your skin.
  4. When I first got my Cloud, I had a hard time getting the bowls in and out of the glass joint. The very first time I pulled out a bowl, I held onto the glass to stabilize it and stuck my finger right on the metal top that says "HOT" for leverage. Kept it there till my brain realized my finger was cooking. Burned the hell out of it.
  5. I've had my EQ for nearly 2 years and can honestly say I've only burned my pinky finger once, very slightly a few days ago. Healed up in 2 days. I'm usually extra careful

    Some of my friends have felt the wrath of glass at 220C though, now I try to warn people "Don't touch the glass, it's hot as fuck." My black rubber insulator is still in great shape though:hello:
  6. I have a few times but no longer even put the vape up that high in temp. I once burned myself just shortly after making fun of the "Warning hot" sticker.. Good times..
  7. I burned my lip real bad on the afore mentioned extreme q glass bowl. One time when attempting to blow the abv out of it, I touched my upper lip to the glass.

    And once with the pax I was going 80 down the highway, and attempted to empty it by holding it out the window. When I realized the metal screen might fall out when doing that I immediately stuck my index finger into the oven and brought it back into the car. That painful burn lasted a few hours
  8. First day I got my solo. I wanted to get everything put of the stem so I removed it from the unit itself and tried to blow everything out. I blew from the bowl which was very hot I burnt my lips.
  9. First time I used my volcano at the second to highest setting to coax some vapor out of some already brown abv. I removed the balloon and touched the metal rod holding the screen on my solid valve accidentally, and burned my finger pretty bad. The worst part? There was hardly any vapor in the bag :(
  10. Nope.

    I'm quite aware of my surroundings.
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    My First time using the solo I was out in the forest enjoying the snow, and the snow-white clouds from my great new vape. Got totally ripped.

    I leaned back against a tree and looked up at the full moon for a bit, just lost in how pretty it was. Then I had that familiar thought "wait, how long have I been doing this?" The Solo had already timed itself off a couple times before, so I wondered if that had happened again. Instead of checking whether the lights were on, however, I stupidly took my finger and touched the glass at the base of the stem.
    I was already high enough that it took me a bit to realize that shit hurt!

    The burn wasn't too bad though. My fingertip was sore and pink for a few days, but not badly burned.
  12. the first time i emptied my iolite, i greatly overestimated my hands ability to handle hot things. i grabbed the optimizer and held it for a bit. i got hurt, but no burn or blister luckily.
  13. I have touched it and had it been real hot... even painful, but never left a mark.

    I think even the bottom of the EQ bowl wouln't leave a mark if you touched it for less then like half a second or so... that is a pretty long time to be touching something that is painfully hot, even if it sounds quick.
  14. Nope never. I've lightly touched the Solo bowl thats in the heating chamber but for like a milisecond to see if its hot, I do it all the time, but literally a milisecond

    I think I've burned my lip with the MFLB hitting it native, but even that was hardly a burn
  15. I touch the heating element to see how high I am. if its still hot when I touch it, I need to Vape more dope.
  16. Yeah, tbh I think at vaporizer temps... even heating element... You could pretty much tap quickly any part of it with out it doing actual damage. I think it takes around 600F or more to burn you if you are just tapping it. Not basing that on anything real scientific... just having touched various things in the 100-1000F temp range :D (though even 550 is enough to give you a burn about instantly if you put a little pressure on it.)
  17. gave myself a little burn trying to remove the herb chamber from the HerbalAire vape by hand before letting it cool down for a few seconds. Normally best to dump it onto the counter and let it cool. I just dumped it into my hand once... ouch :)

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