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Discussion in 'General' started by iSPARK, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Buy hash at the price of 25 per .5?
    I know that is a steep price, but it's from high times. So do you think that's worth it?
  2. The dry season in the middle eastern gulf causes people to spend unbelievable amounts of cheese on hash.

    for example, i was offered 130$ for one small joint and i paid up to 80$ for two bacteria sized joints.

    True story.
  3. why would it being from high times mean it would/should cost more?
  4. Holy tits

    that's outrageous.
  5. Just to reassure people that it's some quality stuff
  6. it'd have to be hash made from acid to cost $25 for half a gram.
  7. Well I'd rather hear from some more inexperienced tokers with less connects around here :laughing: just because you could probably get hash from many different people, so to you 25/half gram sounds ridiculous. Not to mention the area I live hash is really hard to come by.
  8. I thought high times sold magazines?
  9. Yeah but some guy works for High Times and has some inside shit or something, idk. I didn't ask many questions, although that was one that also crossed my mind :laughing:
  10. Buy it if you rarely get hash. Would you rather pay an extra $10 or not have hash?
  11. sounds like a load of bullshit to me. Your too gullible
  12. I'm sure people at High Times get high, I don't know about dealing. Sounds like he's ripping you off for sure, especially since he works at High Times supposedly, he should know not to treat a fellow smoker like this.

    In any case, I'd do it if you never tried it. Get some of that shit and live it up for a few bowl packs :smoke:
  13. Some respect would be nice :)
  14. There isn't much hash around here. but i know that it's not a hooge deal to smoke hash if you've got weed. I'll admit, i understand the appeal of the novelty. but my point stands, it's not worth it imo.
  15. Yeah I get what you're saying. Here's my real situation, swims friend texted him and said that he had hash, and that it's really worth 75 but he'll sell it to you for 60 so you can make an extra 15 quick bucks

    GET IT?!@;)
  16. thank god i live in arizona, cause them cartels would be bringing pounds after pounds over here haha. my homies always on deck and would hook it up fat
  17. Are you even talking about hash:confused::confused:

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