How many of you blaze at work?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fuumanchuu112, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. My main career is in social services, but for 10 hours a week I deliver pizza for a friend of mine who runs a pizza place. I always bring some herb to work (everyone does) and pack the community pipe that's sitting in the back. Whoever cashes it loads it up again so we intermittently smoke throughout the night. After we close and all the cleaning is done we have a sesh in the back before we leave. Love this job, pay sucks, but the tips keep me supplied on weed, plus that is what my career is for.

    So does anyone else have tales of smoking at work?
  2. I often get to drive trucks and deliver things for my summer job. When I'm alone, I toke. It's easy, lol.
  3. Thats sick dude,

    I used to work at a deli/bagel shop a few years ago and when the main manager wasn't there we would go out back into the ally and take turns blazing and we also did in the walk in freezer. AFter we were done we would make ourselves the most insane sandwiches and steaks, shit was banging. Crappy pay but perks of the job cancelled that out.
  4. I used to work at Jimmy John's. We took turns for who brought the blunt. Also smoked while delivering sandwiches. Great times
  5. I used to work at Albertsons, and usually I'd bring a joint with me so whenever I had to push carts...I would walk around the entire shopping center, and smoke behind it as I walked to the other side.

    It was great, came back stoned, listenin to music and just pushin carts. Dope job
  6. I smoke mostly everyday at my job.. I work for a construction company my dad owns and it pays good. When my dad passes away im going to own it. Anyways mostly everyday I bring a J to work and smoke it right before lunch break. Its honestly not a bad job, it keeps me in shape cause I'm constantly outside lifting shit and all that. $23 an hour, around 60K+ a year 4 weeks vacation time. Thats good money for a stoner living in a decent sized apartment.

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