How many of us ever counted...

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    Or try to count the number of hits they've taken? Doesn't matter which method; blunt, joint, bong, vape.

    Usually, because of my limited supply, I can only pack my bowl (a 1/4 inch socket piece) about three times on about .5 grams.

    I might take another two hits tonight. :D

    I've tried to count how many hits I've taken on a blunt before. Usually if it's just me, I save a decent portion of it for the next day. If it's me and someone else, I usually get like 5-6 hits. With more participants, that range goes down.

    J's usually 7-8 by myself. Also I keep the roach.

    Haven't tried a vaporizer.

  2. back in the day when weed was like scarce and sacred to me i used to count hits. i remember asking this experienced stoner how many hits he usually took and he was just like '....:confused: til i get high i guess???'

    i dont know i guess its something i grew out of but i used to always count and mentally record how many hits i took
  3. I remember me and my friends tried to break our record 10gs one night a few months back.

    If it weren't for that damn t break, we could have easily gotten to atleast 12.

    (This is just 3 of us)
  4. What I usually find happens is I count up to three hits just to see how high each respective hit gets me, then by 3 I'm too stoned to keep track.

    I love having a low tolerance :D
  5. I do count sometimes.

    An average sesh by myself is anywhere from 0.5g to 1.5g, depending on the method...

    With others, it easily can reach 3-4g at a time, lol.

    I get about 8-9 bong rips in during a sesh and then call it a day.

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