How many of us are there? About 163 Million!

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  1. Pot Smokers Number 163 Million, United Nations Report Says

    Paris, France: An estimated 163 million people worldwide consume
    marijuana, according to an annual report released today by the United
    Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Authors said that pot is the most
    widely produced, trafficked and consumed illicit drug on the planet.

    More than 80 percent of the world's illicit drug users consume marijuana,
    authors noted.

    In the United States, more than 21 million Americans used marijuana and/or
    hashish in the past year, according to the Department of Health and Human
    Services. Nearly 13 percent of the world's pot smokers live in the U.S.,
    according to the report.

    For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director
    of the NORML Foundation, at (202) 483-8751. More information on the U.N.
    report, "2003 Global Illicit Drug Trends" is available online at:
  2. UN study has concluded 163 million people around the world smoke cannabis.

    The research has found the drug remains the most widely produced, trafficked and consumed illicit drug.

    Marijuana production also appears to be increasing.

    However, in the United States, use fell in 2002 among high school students, almost 10 percent less than in 1997 and some 30 percent less than in the late 1970s, the report says.

    The report distinguishes between cannabis resin, seized mainly in Western Europe, and cannabis herb, prevalent in the Americas but increasingly used in Africa.

    The report, released in Paris by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, shows nearly 200 million people around the world used illegal drugs in 2000-2001.

    "Globally, cocaine is the problem of the Americas, heroin is the problem of Asia and cannabis is the problem of Africa," the agency's executive director, Antonio Maria Costa, said.

    The number of people around the world who abuse opium and heroin has also remained stable at about 15 million.

    Cocaine is abused by about 14 million people, with the United States the world's largest cocaine market.

    Amphetamine-type stimulants like Ecstasy, known as ATS, represent an expanding market, particularly in the United States, the report says.

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  3. any chance of a link to accompany these 'facts'?

    I know you sadi associated press, but wow dude, I'm lazy and I'd like to read further...

  4. For a link, see my thread on the same subject...
  5. fuck ya! go earth.
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  7. there really should be some way of truely uniting stoners worldwide for toker rights.
  8. 163,000,000

    well that is good to know :)
  9. If 10% of those reported users spent some change and sent 1 letter to the White House asking for decriminalization or legalization of marijuana ,do you really think it would have 'any' effect ?

    How about 20% ?

    What percent of the world population are stoners ?

    ........(Come on guess before you click the link.)........





    java version......

    That's right about 2.585% of the entire world population are stoners ,users ,and 'some' would say addicts of marijuana.

    Now how does a person convince the other 97.415 % of the world to let us have our pot.....? ? ?

  10. Damn Straight! Can't you feel the rising tide of our brothers & sisters & friends?! Cananda is moving towards legalization, a bunch of US states are decriminalizing & allowing medical mj...Congress sees it & they need to hear from us! The tough part has always been that we're afraid to call attention to ourselves 'cause we don't want to be hassled...well tha man can't hassle you for use of your 1st Amendment rights to speak out...write your congressman, senator & tha Prez...let 'm know you support legalization & medical mj...every letter they get matters a lot!

    ...i read somewhere that each letter is equal to something like 10 phone calls and each phone call is equal to something like 100 every letter (or email) they get is like they're hearing from 1,000 voters...without voters these guys are outa work...let them know how to please us, tell them to legalize MJ!
  11. dam if all thats true then what is the point of not haveing it legal wtf these guys could make a lot of money that the states needs off people going out and buying pot. but then if they do legalize it they will have an age limit so fuck it whatever as long as im getting high.

  12. Right on...why should we have our tax $ go towards busting potheads, burning crops & all that sh*t when they could be doing more important things like paying teachers & catching REAL they could tax the mj crops if you're selling & make it legal to grow your own!
  13. yep they should be doing those things. but those that have the power to make that change are oil barrons. oil stands to loose out from cannabis derivitives.

    its not going to happen this term of office.

  14. yeah, it may not happen in this term, but I belive that progress IS FINALLY being made...we've got to keep the pressure on, get more people involved...most of the pols now in office got high at sometime in their lives...for sure they all want to keep their jobs...they'll fall in line to support decriminalization, then legalization if that's what the voters want...we've just got to make it clear to them that we've got votes and the issue matters!

  15. Does NORML do work in the UK or have an affiliate there?

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