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How many of u have "blacked out"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fanjoyy, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I have on about a dozen occasions through my years im just wondering how frequent it really is with you guys

    and by blacking out i mean losing sight for a few minutes and feeling faint
  2. On weed? Never. On alcohol? more than I would care to admit.
  3. Used to happen to me back in high school when I would smoke all day on an empty stomach. My friends all reffered it to greening out.
  4. i know its off topic lol but how do u like stuff
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  6. A few times actually. I'm sure it's more of a dehydration ad fatigue thing. Gotta stay vitalized

  7. thanks i feel like an idiot i didnt see that
  8. I did. Woke up in a dead guys house on the island across the waterway from my place. My friends were trying to spook me

  9. haha dont worry about it man, there have been way more stupid questions posted on these forums than that:cool:
  10. Hooollly shit,I don't even remember how many times i've blacked out.But it's nearly quarter of all my smoking session's.

  11. whats ur usual strain
  12. I only smoke hash.It's usually good quality.The question is.How much do you smoke;)?

  13. depends on the day lol and what i have for money
  14. I have never blacked out smoking marijuana in my life. I have gotten a head rush from lying down for a long time and being dehydrated and standing up....this sounds like what you described, not blacking out haha. I have blacked out drinking and doing some other fun things though :p
  15. I'm a noob smoker myself but I think I can help here. Around when I first started I would sometimes black out, I don't know weather I actualy fainted but I did black out. I can tell when I faint because I can stand up, take a breath, and hold my breath for a few seconds (I wont fall over if I have something to get just a little grip on like a wall or chair). This blackout will last a few seconds (holding breath can also include holding in a hit). Blackouts will only happen if I'm in a relaxed state (think about when your sitting on your couch watching tv before you go to bed). One time I did blackout (I couldnt tell if I was holding onto something) and none of the above applied, my vision went black and I could yell what was happening, I continued on with the conversation and the party that I was talking to said nothing about it.

  16. thanks but im not a noob smoker ive been smoking since October 17th 2007
  17. the reason you black out is because of a lack of oxygen in the brain, then you probably stand up too fast.

    quit trying to take huge ass hits and you'll be fine.
  18. happened to me about 3 or 4 times smoking nearly every day for 3 years or so...
    happened to me and a friend at the same time once..i was intoxicated prior to smoking on something tho, he just hadnt ate
  19. He dont mean black out like "The Hangover" he means you get really weak and kinda loose sight and pass out for 5 o ten minutes man.:cool:
  20. I did the first time I got high I was so fucked up. I woke up walking past the convenience store I live by and I don't remember how I got there. I was awake though because my friends said I was loud as fuck and doing lunges down the street. I was new to it though and went 5 bowls on the gravity bong because I was dumb and the guy had lots of weed.

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