how many of u are?

Discussion in 'General' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Jun 2, 2003.


do u still smoke or get high some way

  1. yes i do

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  2. no i do not

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  3. evert onece and a wile

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  1. how many of u are still smoking, i have been seeing a lot of post latey about them stop smokeing, so i just want to know who still does, cuz i do..
  2. i'm done... i said i quit in a few threads and smoked a few times since... but i'm done. no more for me. i need all the money i can get for college.
  3. you quit weed cottons?

    im still smokin away

  4. I havent been toking either. Im looking into a highpaying job with benefits as a pharmacy tech, the things I need right now in my life, benefits and money, so the break im taking is justified, by the laws of course, never in my own mind..but you gotta do what you have to do..

  5. yup.. i'm done. i arrive on campus at 2:00pm August 20. after that ya'll won't be seeing me around, unless i come home for summer vaca (not sure if i'm gonna stay on campus or not).
  6. I'll probably smoke to my dying day. I hope to be stoned off my ass at the age of 100.

  7. ha, a job with all the pills you can eat and a good health plan......thumbs up....

    i still smoke, and will only stop when i need too....

  8. Me too :D
  9. well awhile back i was thinking about quiting and i said i was thinking about quiting but i havent and to be tottaly honest i dont think i ever will quit!i've been smokein for 6 years now and i just cant stop.i smoke everyday i even go as far to smoke at work on my breaks.i guess u can just say my life is deticated to MJ im one of those guys who just smokes weed and only weed.i grow my own weed now thx to the city so i dont spend money anymore i just ran out of the bud i had from them 2 plants i grew awhile ago but everyhtings kool i have another in the middle of flowering and 6 babys on the go right now so im set and im getting some clones soon to
    i would never have got this far with the growing if it wasnt for the city and all the good ppl here thx everyone;)

  10. You know Cottons, there are plenty of people in college who will share herb with you, if it's about money why not have the occasional toke with a friend who offers it?
  11. toker til death

    if i can get any that is ;)

  12. well that makes 2 ov us!:)
  13. I'm still smoking my weed but I've once again gave up pills so I hope this time to "stay on the wagon". But marijuana will be my bud till the end of time!!!!!!
  14. I think if I had to give it up I would not want to come here because it would make me miss smoking more.
  15. i'll smoke till i choke

    allthough i do foresee some minor breaks from time to time, but quit alltogether...

    hell no! that would be like not having another beer for the rest of my life, totally unimaginable :)
  16. Now the WildWoodWeed it growed wild on the farm, and we never knowed what it was called. Some said it was a flower... some said it was a weed. But I never gave it much thought.
    Well, one day I was out there talkin' to my brother, and I reached down for a weed to chew on...
    then things got fuzzy'n things got blurry'n...then everything was gone...
    ...well, when I came to, my brother was there, and he said: "what's wrong with your eyes?" I said: "I dunno, I wuz chewin' on this weed - he said: "let ME give it a try".....

    ...WOOOHoooo!!! HowdyHigh folks.

    WildWeedy's the name, and quittin's INSANE!!!

    What ARE you thinking???

    ...Quitting for health reasons? - Hell, when I check out, I want to be as buzzed as possible, and I hope it's a BLAZE of glory that sends me to greet my maker, with a bong in one hand and a cold beer in the other.

    ...Quitting for social reasons? - So tell me, what's better than pot when it comes to easing some tension, or just relaxing and unwinding at social functions, gatherings and get-togethers?
    You can still drive.
    You don't puke on your shoes.
    and your parents can't smell it on your breath.

    ...Quitting for financial reasons? - C'mon now, get real...
    a wiseman once said: "Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope".
    Word up.
    Besides, everybody's got a friend... or a friend of a friend's friend, and in my book, a friend with weed, is a friend INDEED!

  17. i cant believe cottens ant got the cottens no more.....


    im with the wabbit....not buying does not mean not smoking it....

    but do what you got to do

    i just cant believe it ...

    you will come back to us

    one day

    and you will smoke again......

    youlll see

    one day......

    *sheads a tear*
  18. I smoke almost everyday! Go to work high, matter of fact, i'm about high all the time lol.
  19. Ive gotta say im actually Shocked at how many of the Seasoned Toker's are Actually quiting... i just cant beleive it... I will smoke to the End of my days and then some...
    I may be far away from my Death but i can say right now i dont ever see myself quiting...It helps me cope with Stress, It makes me feel good , and i just plain like to do it...i allmost cant picture a better moment than just chilling with some friends on a couch watching TV Tokin...
  20. I cut donw like woah, but I still smoke about 25% of what I used to. School and lack of dealers are my main reasons.

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