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How many numbers.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LSD THC, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. How many different dealers numbers do you have in your cell phone, I was scrolling down my contact list and started counting how many I have and I have 8 solid hook ups and I wondered what the people on GC had just for shits and giggles.
  2. Im in cali.. Theres hookups every corner. from the dank to reggie
  3. 4? idk my old phone had maybe 20ish?
  4. 6 who are pretty much always good. 2 that I trust/buy from daily, 3 that consistently good shit in fat bags but are unreliable for timing/pick ups, and 1 that has dank ass shit but lives in "if your white your gunna get the fuck shot out of you" zones. So only for emergencies.

    EDIT: Im white btw...
  5. I have 4. I have 1 that I go to 98% of the time and 3 back ups...
  6. one and only one, there are others i can go to, but id rather help a friend out.
  7. 2 I go to regularly (depends where I am because they both live 15 minutes away on opposite sides of town), then I have 4 back-ups who are very unreliable. So in total that would be 6. I only know the names of 1 of them though, haha
  8. Two or three. I only call one guy, though. Usually my back-up choice is available, so the third number is rarely ever called.
  9. 1 person I buy weight from. 2 I can buy smaller stuff from :D
  10. 3 reliable and 2 if I'm reallllly desperate.
  11. I don't even need numbers.
  12. 3 numbers in total. 2 big time and 1 small man. But off course they are all three not responding to my calls.
  13. 2 growers and thats all i need
  14. i counted 20 but some i haven't used for a long time.

    generally only 1 i buy from, good dank at cheap prices and (usually) timely and efficient delivery.

    few back-ups i could go to if i needed but most of the time i'll just wait til my guy can pick up just cause it's better bud, and actually cheaper.
  15. ^when you get to this level, dealers call you.
  16. Hm, i dont remember my uncles number , Ha
  17. I have 9, but only 2 of them are legit.
  18. Numero dos
  19. 0

    And I don't grow

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