How many more weeks?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Buckshot69, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. These girls showed their sex on July 4th. If my calculations are correct, 5 weeks into flowering? How many more weeks before harvest? IMG_20170811_074147.jpg IMG_20170813_093603.jpg st?
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  2. You lucky man I'm doing my 4th year outdoor grow and the UK weather has been crap . I'll be looking at October and a crap yeild but at least I'll have a Christmas smoke [​IMG]
  3. I'd say around 5 weeks left
  4. Live in Florida, hoping to beat any Hurricane or Tropical Storm. We've had a lot of rain here this year.
  5. I'd like to think your right. But it's the weather. I've got got them on a 12 on 12 so it's a waiting game. 2 year ago I had 5 budding all over that got stolen. Fucking heart breaking.
  6. That sucks. Mine are in ground, over 8 ft tall, wishing I'd have left them in the 5 gal buckets though. Don't think they are getting enough direct sun.
  7. Yer sun is a huge factor for these poor plants. It's the dang current bun ain't shining on me girls. Loads of rain though.
  8. The hurricane season started June 1st. Florida is not a good climate for growing pot - way too much humidity - bud rot is always in play.
  9. Yes I know when Hurricane Season is. As far as root rot, I used a lot of perlite and sand mixed in with Happy Frog to keep her well drained. So far I think they're happy. We've had a lot of rain, but they still grew over 8 ft after being topped once.
  10. What strain are you growing? Looks like mine.
  11. I wasn't referring to root rot - I was referring to bud rot. I've lived in Florida my whole life and it can be 90% humidity when it's not raining. Not a problem before the buds get big and dense - after that it could be a problem. Have you grown outdoors in Florida before?
  12. Honestly buckshot I've no clue. I used seed plucked from pot smoked a year ago man . so it's lucky dip for me, still it's all mine so I'll be OK I'll let you know
  13. Yeah, my indoor girls looked like this at 5 weeks:

    First grow using cfls.[​IMG]
  14. You have several weeks left, dont rush the harvest, the next few weeks are critical if you want to maximize the size, weight, taste and thc levels, get yourself a mag loop and start watching the trichromes once all your hairs turn orange/brown, start receding back into buds, your buds will plump up the last few weeks so dont deny yourself by rushing...,
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  15. No first time growing.
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  17. Same here. I had a lot of seeds so I popped 4. 1 was male other 3 females. I topped all three once and made 3 more. So now I have 6 total. I think they are hybrids but mostly Sativa.
  18. Oh that would suck. Hoping that's doesn't happen. Get through September, it will cool down a lot and maybe will eek through.

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