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How many ML of Cannabis Oil will get me stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JmacShakur, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. So I have been smoking the ganja for about 2 years now, and smoking basically everynight. My mother was recently given a bottle Cannabis Oil and I'm planning on trying it out. The label says the potency is 26.3 mg/ml. Anyone here have any experience will oil?
  2. Yes. And it's good stuff. It's one of the few things that has actually helped my husband after he was in a horrible car accident back in 2009. He broke pretty much everything between his neck and hips including his back in 8 places. Every day is filled with constant pain and narcotics (which is what the doctors prefer he use...of course) do little to help. I obtained some of the oil and had him try that and he really could tell a difference. However, if you're thinking you're going to use some of this stuff and get ripped, you're wrong. If you're looking for a killer buzz, keep on smoking it. The feeling you get from the oil is not really what I would call a "high." It's more like the feeling of relaxation than a "buzz." It works great for people who need it for medical purposes, but do you mother a favor and just leave it alone. You're not going to get what you're hoping for out of it anyway. TWW
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  3. At that concentration you can't exactly smoke it, it's too dilute. If I was you I'd start with half a cc, wait a couple of hours, see how it worked, and adjust from there. Keep in mind it can take as long as two and a half hours to peak on edibles and overdosing is no fun so go slow until you get your ideal dosage. You can get more ripped on oil than you can flowers, dosage is everything.

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