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How many mg's is a joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Captbk, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. I smoke probably a gram a day and smoke from a pipe. I have been using edibles because I cant always smoke in some places, but I cant seem to find the right dosage. So how many milligrams of thc in a gram of flower? I'm talking average flower with 18% thc. 25 mgs edibles barely gets my attention. I'm sure there isn't an easy answer.
  2. At 18% thc, 1 gram of weed would have 180mg of thc.
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  3. Smoking and edibles are 2 completly different monsters. 25mg edible wont do jack for me.
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  4. Smoked = Delta 9 THC.
    Eaten = 11 Hydroxy THC.

    Your liver changes Delta 9 THC into 11 Hydroxy THC. So depending on how efficient your liver is at the job determines how stoned you'll get. We all have slightly different reactions to edibles and what works for persona A can't be felt at all by person B.
    The flip side is what works for person B will put person A in the emergency room thinking they are gonna die. You won't but it will damn sure mess with your head.

    Low dose users may only need 2-3 mg to be hammered.
    High dose users may need 300mg or more to get a really good stone on.

    Then we have how the edible was made.
    Did it get a correct decarb first ?? 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered is the accepted time and temp.

    Was coconut oil used ?
    Was lecithin used.
    How long was it processed.

    So many things affect the quality of an edible it is best to make your own. I've sampled edibles from many dispensaries in this state and several in different states and they all had one thing in common.

    They don't work. !!

    All of them were crap.

    Don't waste your money as 99% of the people making edibles either don't know what they are doing, Don't care, Cheating on the stated amount of mg of THC.

    My edibles or capsules always kick my and everybody else's ass so it's not an issue of me not getting ripped on edibles.

    My recipe comes from BadKats thread here on the city with a few minor mods that didn't change the final outcome any. Her recipe using Hash, Coconut oil, Lecithin gives a wickedly potent product that keeps kicking ass day after day.

    25mg store = 2.5mg home.
    IMO what we make is 10x as bioavailable as nearly every store edible I've sampled.

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

    As a general rule of thumb edibles are 5x stronger per gram and can last 10 times as long
    So if you smoke a gram a day start with 1/4 gram or less of edible. We recommend a half dose 1/8th gram and a 2 hour wait to see just where the 1st bit puts you.

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  5. See these edibles I'm getting are tablets pressed from cannabis. They are scored with a cross so you can break it into smaller doses. They are exclusive to the particular dispensary I frequent. I'm told its shake pressed into tablet form.
    Edibles being different than smoking makes dosing tricky but the low quality of dispensary edibles makes it almost impossible. I will be looking into badkats recipe.

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