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How many MFLB trenches does it take to get baked?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by B-J-G, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. It has probably been asked before, however I could not find anything using the search. Just as the title asks, I know a lot of you are avid MFLB users and I would like to know because I just ordered mine and I hear the batteries only last one trench. Thanks!

    Also think about the question as if you had an average tolerance.
  2. My friend says he gets high off like .1 when using the MFLB.
  3. Ok so I own an mflb and love it, use it every night and usually throughout the day. That being said if you're using it right, you won't even need a full trench to get high if you have a somewhat normal tolerance. My tolerance is average I imagine it usually takes me about .3 bowl out of the bong or like a joint to get pretty high on my own. The batteries for me will last 2 trenches max, if you're vaping the herb all the way through. Usually 4-5 hits, like half a trench is what I'll take like before class or whenever i have to be functional yet high. At night I'll vape through a trench and if i try another one after that its only to fall right asleep. So long story short, it shouldn't take 1 person, any more than 1 standard .1 trench.
  4. less than 1
  5. wow your all saying .1 trenches to get baked, this is great news, thanks guys:hello:
  6. One trench of about .1 gets me baked.... 2-3 hits and I'm gone....
  7. After one full trench I'm fully baked. Two full trenches and I stop being human and become one with nature.
  8. 1 trench will get 5 semi-tolerant people pretty high
  9. I would suggest getting the energizer 15 minute charger from best buy. Aside from charging your MFLB batteries quickly, it also comes with 2 batteries that you can use with the MFLB once you take the labels off. That way you won't be worried about battery life.
  10. oh really? how much does that cost?
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    After reading this thread I must now have one! It seems like I would save 5x the weed I waste now.

  12. 30-35 bucks.
  13. lol you can get an energizer 30 min charger for 20$ and it comes with 4 nimh 2300 bats better deal and a bat lasts like 20 trenches
  14. Oh awesome I will get one of those, thanks
  15. 1 battery can last over a trench in warm conditions, trust me. At parties, tons of people hit my MFLB and it dosent take more then one trench to get like 3-4 people high. Each trench is like .1. too so its great.
  16. Don't know how you all get so high from it. I guess my tolerance is just abnormally high. I vape 3 or 4 trenches out of my MFLB to get a buzz... Pretty sure I have the learning curve down too. But it's all based on your own personal tolerance OP, but generally it will take a lot less to get you a good buzz with it.
  17. ^^ that's a good 50 hits man, Grind to dust (.1) and Upgrade your battery's I got 2700's and every rip is a big white cloud, 9-12 rips a trench easily gets me baked,
  18. I always use a fresh battery and grind before I start. I am however using the stock batteries and charger. Maybe I need to upgrade. However if every hit is a white cloud aren't you combusting?
  19. It takes me around a trench to get actually baked. I guess that's because I smoke daily though.
  20. No I mean vapor clouds similar to my extreme q, once you get that sweet spot on the drag it really rips, I don't use my stock battery's anymore the light Barely is on anyone else notice that?

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