How many members are there on, and how many affiliates do these members know?

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How many people am I going to send to the site to legalize weed?

  1. None. I'm a stiff.

  2. I might know a couple, maybe?

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  3. A S-H-I-T L-O-A-D of Peeps! That's what I'm gonna send!

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  2. Which one of the white house petitions that get posted on here weekly are you referring to?
  3. Sorry, the link got cut off of the post, I inserted it back into the main body above. It's for the legalization of cannabis for all of the U.S.
  4. They take the polls to get a feel for how we feel.

    Then they ignore the results and do what they please.

    If we stop participating, will they claim we don't care?

    Round and round we go.

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  5. My point is... someone starts a legalization petition every other day. Pretty sure one actually reached the signature threshold and the official white house response was basically a big middle finger. They know good and well its the right thing to do... they just don't care...
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  6. Yeah, I know, I've seen that middle finger for quite a while now. I think we need to turn it into a foot and stick it up some asses. Just my opinion.
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  7. I suppose, maybe it would be better to just take it down?
  8. I wish you nothing but the best.
    I just thought you should know why those petitions don't get many signatures.
  9. Thanks, I was hoping to get some good news with the NC vote, alas, not one good thing came from all of our efforts. So I guess, we keep trying to change minds and growing our medicine in secret, unfortunately. Looks like 2 more years of waiting and hiding.

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