How Many Marijuana Incidents Like This Is Going To Happen In Colorado........... And How Will That Threaten The Responsible Adult Marijuana Consumers?

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    THIS is what im talking about!

    some kid bringing marijuana laced products to school! This just happened in Michigan under their medical marijuana law. This is just for MEDICAL marijuana! Only a select few patients can get in and this type of stuff is already happening. Could you imagine how many more things like this is going to happen once any adult in Colorado and Washington could buy marijuana and marijuana treats for recreational use? I fear that the drug warriors hiding behind the kids as an excuse to take away my rights and repeal all the new civil liberties just won! 
    I dont care how many kids smoke pot. I dont care how many kids get suspended from school for pot. I dont care how many car crashes from stoned drivers there are. I dont care how many kids show up to school high or show up with marijuana. I dont care if crime skyrockets or er visits explode or the sky falling or any of that sh*t. Just DONT RUIN IT for the responsible adults over 21 like me.  
    What do you think of this? good idea or not?

  2. Wow, that's taking one step back on what everyone has been working for. (Talking about the responsible users.)
  3. One instance of a kid being stupid is hardly ruining it for the rest of us.
  4. Im gunna call that school tomorrow and harass them until they decide not to expel the kid.
    maybe  :smoking:
  5. WOW. Can't believe he'd do that knowing everything he did wrong was a reflection of all marijuana smokers worldwide.
  6. BTW this isnt even news worthy to me...
    Who gives a fuck kids get caught with weed daily around all of the bay area and probably all of CA and the other states. 
    Fucking Michigan news station get some better stories lame asses.
  7. Pot Tarts haha I need to be friends with that kid

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  8. I don't know but I could definitely go for some munchy ways and a twixed about now..
  9. Am I the only one that is watering over these treats? 
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    Edibles in the MMJ industry are a fuckin' joke. Stop making them all sugar and fat ridden candies and snacks and people might take you seriously.   You can make healthy edibles with butter and oil.As for kids bringing them into schools? And? This isn't some new thing. People have been bringing drugs into school forever. 
  11. Seriously. I'm about to start chilling with this kid.
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    FYI, none of those photos were from the news article :)
     The kids brought in plastic baggies, with simple printer-labels shown in the video. :)
     And this happened long before they got medical cannabis over there, so I wouldn't be too concerned... folks making a big deal out of it, posting wildly inaccurate photos, and promoting the idea it could reflect badly on the medical community when it's already pretty obvious to us how it looks and what the implications are, are the ones who are approaching dangerous territory, as far as 'ruining things for the rest of us' goes... in other words, this thread is really not a whole lot better than the negative news articles. ;)
     What this thread and the news article should be about, is the irresponsible parent who let their kid go to school with loads of ANY kind of medication, enough for sharing purposes. If I had a child in school, 18 years old or not, who had access to medical cannabis, personally I would be monitoring his or her use and the supply we kept on hand on a daily basis, if not each morning and night. I know how kids think when it comes to contraband. :p
     But it would still be MY responsibility if he screwed up, slightly less if he's 18 in the eye sof the law, but still the parent needs to keep an eye on their school-aged kids when they're interacting with so many minors, even just to protect themselves, sometimes.... If we ever want to be taken seriously, then these matters shouldn't be any more about the cannabis, than it should be about 'shutting down the alcohol industry' every time a kid slips some vodka in his orange juice before bringing it to school.
     Kids will always be kids, period. But WE have the responsibility to change the way people think, and that means changing the way we think first. We can't jump to the conclusion it's going to destroy the community every time this happens, we need to make an effort to allow these cannabis contraband situations to reflect in the same way as other, more 'socially acceptable', contraband abuse.
  13. Yeah i really am worried about stupid kids abusing the medical system and ruining it for everyone.
  14. BKS for the win.
  15. It makes me wonder how the story would look, feel, and sound if you replace medical cannabis with prescription opiates.
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    Its no different than Alcohol and Tobacco...
    There is a rule.. You must be 18 or 21...
    If someone breaks the rule then they suffer the consequences..
    No different than any other area of our life..
    --- If you speed .. You get a ticket
    --- If you steal ..  You go to jail
    --- If you murder .. You go to prison..
    Society likes to market specific incidents to take away the rights of those who follow the law. 
    This is just another way to strip Americans of their rights..  There will always be those who challenge the law and there will always be a politician looking to remove your rights...  Our only option is to be conscious of both..  In my opinion they are both equally destructive.
  17. The media will capitalize on the fact that Marijuana is a controversial issue these days. Thats why incidents like this are broadcast this way and deal large hits to the legalization movement. It will continue to happen because the type of people who sell to minors are the type of people who don't give a f*ck and the media doesn't give two sh*ts about peoples rights, but it does care about ratings. 
  18. There have been a multitude of " :eek: Children Poisoned by Cannabis! :eek: " news articles lately. I have been kept rather busy pointing out in the comments that in over 4000 years of written medical history there has never been a fatal cannabis overdose- even in children! This makes cannabis safer than aspirin! I then bring up the REAL dangers to our kids- prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse and "huffing" solvents. All of which can and do kill kids every day!  
    Even though cannabis is safe, we have to keep our cannabis out of the reach of children, and NOT give the prohibs any "ammo"!  We have to use responsibly and be role models for the younger users! :smoke:
    And have any of you commented in the news to counteract these articles with the facts? :confused_2:
    Granny  :wave:
  19. Yes yes, BKS for the win!! That's right!

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