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how many lumens

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by chocolate thai, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. How many lumens should you have on 1 plant? and also if you put more lights on a plant will it grow quicker, lets say i put 4 400 watt hps lights on it will i grow like fuck?
  2. its a bit more compleated than that. 4 a start it depends on the size of the plant.

    rule of thumb 4 lighting is 50w or 3000 lume per sqft is about the max a plant can use or needs. more than that is wasted.

    best use of lights is if u want to cover a large aera of ground then more smaller lights give a betta coverige of lumes. to grow tall plants fewer larger lights r betta.
  3. there is an upper limit to the # of lumes u can put on a plant before it starts to actually 'light stress'. mostly its heat on the inner part of the plant but there is also too many # of light packets that start to free ratical and cause the plant to put on layers of thicker cell walls to protect from over stimulation. sorry i dont remember the actual #'s and surely there are diff # per types of plants and their leaves. certianly its well over 6000 lumes so i think u could go a bit crazy.

    i got about 3000 and they grow pretty darn quick.

    i veg with about 1800-2000 and it seems to be ok. i get a blueberry plant 14in in about 30 days. that is fast enough for me.

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