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how many lumens do I need?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by the bear smokey, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I have 1 plant. Its has starting getting flowers already. I have a small grow box. I was wanting to know how many lumens should I have on my plant. I am using cfls just because I have only 1 plant
  2. 100 watts per square foot, is the average,cfls good for veg, but try something better, even the sun, budding NEEDS light.

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  3. Some will tell you minimum 3,000 lumens per sq ft, but I put the minimum at 5,000. For comparison, the sun is about 10,000 lumens per sq ft.
  4. I agree with toasty. Minimum that I would recommend would be 5,000-6,000. Ideal would be 10,000-12,000.
  5. The sun gives 10,000 lumens of a varied spectrum. Having 10-12,000 lumens per square foot (of MH/HPS) is a complete waste because a plant cannot use that much.

    5-6,000 is ideal. If you're adding co2 7-8,000.

    Here's loads of info on lighting: The Green Pages - Lighting

  6. It's not a waste. 10,000-12,000 of calculated indoor lighting would only equal about 6,000-7,000 ish actual lumens at the canopy level due to inefficiencies in reflectors. It's true that 10,000 actual lumens at the canopy level would be too much, I agree with that.
  7. Also the reason why plants can handle the 10,000 lumens given off by the sun has nothing to do with spectrum. It's because 10,000 lumens is only received for a small portion of the day when the sun is directly overhead.
  8. I think i'll just flood my 4 plants with a 95000 lumen hps light... They are fucking loving it.

  9. I have 150,000 lumens on 3 plants.. :smoke:
  10. ^Son of a bitch... I'me expecting a pound. That was my last grow with the same setup as this... but now i have better nutes.
  11. i'm new here so bare with me on this... I have a 4 week old grape ape in the veg stage running on 9200kelvin and 4478lumen cfl's ..tips advice ??? i will add 2 more cfls 1750 lumens and bring me to 8350 lumens when i flower good need something or...??
  12. Remember that lumens is a measurement for comparing one bulb to another, not a way to know how much light your plant is getting. Take a light rated at 100,000 lumens, raise it 2 feet, and the lumens remains the same but the amount of light the plant is getting is changed dramatically...

  13. I would add some lower kelvin cfls, favoring the red/orange side of the spectrum when starting the flower. Most lumens you can get in there, and like Toasty said with cooler CFL even floros you can get those lumens close to those beauties. GooD LucK
  14. I'm pushing 86,000 lumens out of my 600W HPS but that's a 6 plant medical grow so I guess it all depends on your goals and how many plants you want to grow. I would recommend at least 30 - 40,000 lumens for a decent grow
  15. I have 150,000 on 5

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