How many lights do I need and what kind?

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    Hey guys just wondering if someone can give me some advice on how many and what kind of lights to use. Both for quality and hopefully energy effcient. I'm a long time smoker but I've never grown before. I've been wanting to for awhile, so I bought some seeds and now I wanna grow. I am thinking of starting with 5 plants, so how many lights would I need and what kind and power? Also any other tips would be great too but i'll also be searching the threads... BTW the strains are BIG BUD and EASY RIDER.
  2. If your not worried about heat a switchable 600 watt mh/hps set up would be
    all you need. However, Ceramic Metal Halide is an excellent alternative and can be used in both veg and flower. CMH has the closest representaion of the Suns spectrum. They only make wattages up to 400w but that should be enough for 4 plants. Five is stretchin it but if you can train your plants to be short and bushy, a 400 will do the job admiralbly...:smoke:
  3. Thanks for the info! So a 600 watt mh/hps is what i'll get if it's the best option. Does that mean I can use it for veg and flower? and how bad does the heat get? I'm going to be growing in a big closet in my apartment!
  4. The 600w puts off quite a bit of heat and will need to be exhausted out of your closet. You'll need axial fans and an air cooled hood to properly vent hot air. Without a place to displace air your temps could skyrocket into the 90's. If your closet is huge consider throwin a grow tent in there.

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