how many leds

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  1. You need a whole shitload. Do some forum searching fro LED!
  2. im really no expert but i havnt heard anyone else try them ur best off just getting normall fluro's or cfl's rather then led's
    im new so i stick to whats worked for everyone else.
    good liuck if u do use them and keep us posted
    nice one all and laterz
  3. I have never heard of anybody useing L.E.D's to grow anything with. I checked out one link and could not specify the lumen output of the lights, but my guess would be that they won't even come close to growing anything. Your safest bet if you want to go cheap use CFL's are regular floresents.PEACE!
  4. indeed! stick with flouros if you want something cheap
  5. Listen to Stylez. He knows what he is talking about. LED's will not grow your plants.
  6. So so so WRONG.

    LEDs will grow your plants. I am currently working on an article about the future use of LED lighting in agriculture. NASA has done extensive experiments with LEDs growing plants. Guess what? They work GREAT!

    The ones in your link aren't the ones to get though.

    Anyone who tells you that LEDs won't grow anything doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.

    As for the CCLs, it would depend on the light spectrum they emit and the intensity of said light. I've just started researching them (after having them in my computer case for years) to see if they are a viable alternative. When (if?) I come up with anything, I'll post it up.
  7. :confused: Did you mean "...not as important..."?
  8. Wouldnt you need something like 4 times the led lights to get what one CFL or HID would output. Its not impossible, but a little bit impracticle maybe?
  9. LEDs can work, but they are very expensive today compared to other lighting choices. They show promise for delivering isolated spectrums of light for very low electricity cost. The equipment cost is what eats you up. Check up on this in 3-5 years when prices may have come down.

  10. Hey up4,
    My buddy put a light meter up to his LED lights in the other thread and he said it barely registers. Yet, it grows his plants real nice. I always argue with him on this saying you need lumens, more lumens but, they barely give off any lumens and his vegetable plants grow real well. Yes they are a bit too expensive compared to HID lights for now. He is working with the design in the other thread and has found a way to cut the cost quite a bit. I think he said he got one of his newest LED lights to compete with a 400 watt HID for about $190 or so. I will have to call him and tell him to get his ass back here on GC because I see he has not responded to his other thread yet.
  11. Does someone has try using luxeon led?? They are 4watt each and can output as much as 100 lumens per led!! Check the website of manifacturer i think i will try soon but can someone tell me how much red led are needed for each blue leds? and would it be good to add a couple of UV and/or IR (or other color that could be benfic as well) in small quantity to reproduce a more complet spectre of light??
  12. ive got a grow under leds at the moment 2 plants (hindu kush) there doing fine and there on day 20. i have 96 red and 24 blue.
  13. I am strictly an outdoors grower but I find this whole subject fascinating.
    Certainly LEDs are currently the most efficient way to convert electric power into light, in that they produce very little heat. Incandescent lamps and HPS and even fluoros produce a lot more heat than they do light.
    I know heat can be a BIG problem for indoor growers, what with having to keep your plants cool with fans, and LEO having IR detectors.
    Maybe we are looking at the near future here.
  14. What kind of led r u using? And r u using the same lighting period for each step of the grow, like 12/12 for flowering? And at which distance do you place the led array from the plant's top?
  15. I have just found that surfing the web . I don't know of it can intersted someone, it's look like a powerpont presentation of an experience which consiste of growing lettuce and radish under high power leds (like those from luxeon). They made four experiment and there's picture and graph of results. Let me know what you think about that. I'm pretty shure the same tecnics can be use to grow weed :D...
  16. The article is basically a bunch of graphs which don´t convey a lot. Some text is needed to explain what was done and to interpret results.
  17. At least it tell us what wavelenght a plant need to grow, and if you look at the 4 experiences, it tell you what lighting schedule is best for a plant for it to grow tall, product mass....

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