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how many joints will an oz of shake make?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vortexx, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. I really need to know this for my "math" homework hehe :smoke:\

    anyways, just need someone to tell me about how many joints i could make with an ounce of trimmings, then tell me how you know that so i know its not just being pulled outta yur ass.

    Thanks so much, + rep to anyone who answers my question
  2. 30-60 -.-
    it all depends on how fat you roll them, personal preference
  3. Really now?

    Not to be a dick man, but there are so many variables in this situation there's no sensible answer to be given.

    Are you rolling gram joints? .5? .8?

    Figure out what sized joints you roll and do the math yourself man. Also you aren't going to get that high off of trimmings.
  4. A J for me is about .7 grams or a little less
    One zip = 28-30 grams.
    So my guess is you'll get 40-45 joints, maybe a little less because it's shake.
  5. well... if u wanna roll 1 gram joints, you got about 28 joints lol.
    if ya wanna do .5..... then 56 joints i think.

    and 1 oz = about 28 grams.
  6. If you figure about 1.5 grams per joint, you'd get 18 to 19 joints out of an ounce.

  7. Since <1g joints of shake, unless it's really dank shake, are not very potent, I'd go for 28 1 gram joints, or 20 1gram joints + some fat joints with the other 8 grams
  8. One. One 28 gram joint.
  9. ...or this :hello:
  10. You'll get about 35.26 joints. I know this because I say so.
  11. Ahhh...good times.:smoking:
  12. Come on man.... rollin joints of trimmings? Asking how many joints in an O?

    This area is titled seasoned tokers so seasoned tokers don't have to hear these ridiculous things....
  13. Err...Apprentice area. Damn, what kind of herb are you smoking right now? I want some of that shit!:smoking:
  14. ahhhhhhhh hahahahahahah

    My bad, now I'm the asshole....

    haha, forgot I switched areas, sorry OP. You had it in the right spot!!

    I'll just go sit in the corner now..... :(
  15. Oh, and I'm smoking some beauty bud outta my vape genie that is as orange as it is green, keify as can be, and smells a bit like ice tea (odd, I know).
  16. Like 2 joints I guess?

    This thread is too :smoke:
  17. I could roll 1,141 joints give or take a few.
  18. Well, im very very sorry i spoiled your thread sure :(

    I understand joints can be rolled with very different amounts of weed. but i guess what i meant, how many good cigarette sized joints can i get. so i guess they would be like .6 gram joints....fuck im starting to answer my own question :mad:
  19. Calculator

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