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How many joints out of an ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffDaddy420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Since ive been on probation since august, i have been getting monthly tests and smoke for strictly 2 days after, no more. So not this friday(black friday) but next friday i have a class and i am getting tested then. My plans are to come home and drink with my girl, and the saturday after that do the same thing, but later that saturday night, im going to hant out with one of my boys i haven't chilled with in a while and his bday is on the friday before.So his dad is hooking him up with an O for his bday. Now my question is, say we had normal double sized papers; how many joints could we roll out of the whole ounce? we are strictly only rolling joints and smoking late saturday night into sunday. We are gonna get like 15 packs of papers. And are gonna roll all the joints before we spark any of them up. Thanks for reading my rant lol, just wondering. I'm so excited, i haven't been high in what seems like foooooooorever. Probation sucks ass.
  2. Depends on if you use baccy or not?
  3. around 40 but depends on how big you roll them.
  4. Well an ounce has about 28 grams. So if you roll 1 gram joints, that means 28 joints. If you roll .5 joints, that means 56 joints... etc
  5. If you put a gram in each joint = 28.
    Half a gram in each = 56
  6. [quote name='"xStuart smitHx"']Depends on if you use baccy or not?[/quote]

    Nah, none of that. Only good ol' tree
  7. Were probally gonna go with half gram joints. Thanks everyone for reading my rant lol. I'll take a pic of all the joints spelling grasscity ;D
    Oh and a few fancy ones, crossjoints,tulips, ect.
  8. Roughly 1 million joints give or take a few.
  9. Simple math.

    Use it.

  10. [quote name='"HxCurt"']Simple math.

    Use it.


    Don't need any dickheads on here.
    I get whatcha mean though

  11. it really depends, 28 joints if they're 1 gram each joint, but if they're like .5 each joint, then 56 joints. if you still don't get what i said above, i basically said a shit load of joints.. XD
  12. It's gonna be between me , my boy, and his dad. Im gonna see if we could spark like 10 of them and pass em around at the same time lol, just for the fun of it.
  13. I'm posting to see the picture later. K, bye.
  14. [quote name='"kd0G420"']I'm posting to see the picture later. K, bye.[/quote]

    This isn't happening til next week

  15. Really?...
    [ame=]The Miz : Really ? - YouTube[/ame]
    No offence OP but I don't think another how many joints can I make with x amount of weed, thread was necessary.

    HxCurt was right, what type of answer were you really looking for?
    Make exactly 30 joints. OR ELSE :devious:

  16. 88 :)
    [ame=]The Xerox - rolling 88 joints with 'The Technique' | remake of my very first video - YouTube[/ame]
  17. You should roll like 20 one gram joints and four 2 gram blunts or one monster 8 gram blunt, or fuck all of that and roll a lead pipe size joint
  18. bout tree fiddy
  19. [quote name='"Perpcakes"']You should roll like 20 one gram joints and four 2 gram blunts or one monster 8 gram blunt, or fuck all of that and roll a lead pipe size joint[/quote]

    Now thats an idea.

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