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how many joints in a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by xEtceteraaa, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Estimate how many joints on average you could roll with a gram
  2. 2-3 depending on size maybe less
  3. 1/3 >>

    1 big or 3 small
  4. It depends on several different factors. How many rolling papers are you using per joint? Is your weed being put in a grinder? Do you mix your joints with tobacco, if so how much percentage of it is tobacco?
  5. I say two or three.
  6. For me one is the lowest i usually go. I sometimes roll a point seven joint for myself but if im splitting it i always roll a joint with a gram and a half. Usually thats a gram of bud and half a gram of hash. If you dont have a high tolerance you can roll a half gram joint but nothing lower.
  7. my standard joint is .5 so 2, but it depends on how big the joint is
  8. 1-3, i can easily roll a gram into a joint, but i can also roll a pinner with about .3-.4
  9. depends i would say 2, 2 .5 joints will work
  10. It depends on a variety of factors, I've rolled joints with 2 grams in them, and I've rolled joints with only a tenth of a gram.

    I'd say that you'd probably get 2 though.
  11. 3 max. if you get more out of a gram, your joints are gonna be awfully skimp.
  12. usually 2 if its just me smoking (I roll .5 into a j for solo smoking)

    if ive got a buddy smoking with me, i usually just roll the whole gram into a single joint, as .5 isnt really enough to get more than one person baked...

    ive seen some people roll 3 out of a single gram, but they are pinner joints, and i dont particularly care of skinny joints...
  13. Agreed, unless you use tobacco.. then you could make more. But i like them green :)
  14. 1-2 generally.
  15. Unless your rolling spliffs you can easily get 4 small joints out of a gram, however if you want nice j's prolly 2 or 3.
  16. 0.5Gm/Joint with regular width regular length paper.
  17. I put a dime of weed in my joint is that ok?
  18. I can easily get like 5 but that's cuz I have chronic and don't need much weed at all with my tobacco to get high
  19. I just rolled 2 in a 1.2 its usually 4 so im assuming i got sold a fat dime instead of a twenty.
  20. If its just me, then maybe 3.

    2 ppl, 1 avg joint, 1 small joint.

    3 opl, 1 joint

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