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How many joints can I roll with 1.3 g of weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. So yesterday I bought 1.5g of weed but I used some so I think I'm left with 1.3/1.2g, I want to roll it into joints that are only tea but I don't know if I would be able to roll more than two.

    They would be cigar shaped (not joint cones) so I can make them a bit smaller, do you think I can't get somewhat between 2 or 3 joints?

    I want them to throw me into another world haha, but if it's all green I'm sure they will, I usually can't smoke much more than the half of a only weed joint.

    I have classic raw papers and hemp large raw papers (I would cut this, can't use them if I want to make 2 or 3 joints).

    Any suggestions?

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  2. First of all how much joints? Reread that in your head tell me how that sounds and I'd say 1
  3. 1/4 of a joint
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  4. I'm from Spain, but yeah, how many?

    Can't edit the title, at least from Tapatalk so it'll stay like that, but yeah, how many?

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  5. Just roll till you can't roll anymore. Sheesh
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  6. Lol you'll get 2 pushing it if you mix it with tobacco if its just weed I'd roll one fatty and smoke it to the face
  7. So there's no way I can get 3 only weed joints? I mean, cigar sized, not fatty joints (I've done those when I had more weed).

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  8. Nah unless they're SUPER skinny joints. At that point you'd be smoking more paper than weed tbh. If you're super concerned about conserving weed, try mixing in tobacco or using bowls/bongs. Not sure about the weed paraphernalia laws in Spain though or how easy it is to get them

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  9. There's no problem on getting them, you can buy those at any "grow shop", and there's one very near my house, like 10 min walking or so.

    Also it's not illegal to carry paraphernalia if I'm not wrong.

    However I've had to buy a gift for a friend's birthday and I'm a bit broke to buy a pipe or something atm.

    I would make the joints like rolled cigarettes (not industrial ones, those are bigger).

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  10. Just make a ghetto tin can pipe and smoke your weed that way
  11. That's disgusting, I heard when heated, tin can leave some vapors which are very harmful, plus there's paint on the tin cans.

    I would consider making a tin bowl and including that into a homemade bong or something.

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  12. apple bong that shit
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  13. Wait, you'll smoke the poison from camellia but you won't smoke from a tin pipe?
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  14. You say its disgusting to hit a ghetto tin pipe but will happily smoke tea which is meant to be made into a drink:lmafoe:
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  15. If you don't need much to get high then roll you 2 small joints...cut the paper in half length wise so it won't be all paper...Make em small enough to where you have a little bit left... enough to smoke a bowl. Then save the part of the join you don't finish and add it to what's left over and have a great bowl! I could make 1.3g last me 2-3 days if I absolutely had to!

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  16. Why are people answering this tea smoker?
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  17. Because its funny he would smoke tea but not hit a tin pipe:confused_2:

  18. How you manage to make it last 2-3days bro? I can stretch a gram over 2 days just before I pick up again lol
  19. RIP a strip of the joint paper off since you're try to stretch it
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