how many joint have u smoked today?

Discussion in 'General' started by charlie067, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. hi everyone i just wanna know who's stoned today how many joints have u smoked today?
    i have smoked 8 joints in total today going to smoke 2 more befor i venture off to bed how many joint,bolws.exc. have u puffed on today
  2. outta weed... *sigh*
  3. I haven't smoked, yet. I just got out of class so I'll go finish the last 1/4 blunt I have left. Mebbe later I'll bong some.
  4. I've smoked about 9 joints last night but I have to tell you I was with a party of 4 and the dutch joints are much bigger :p and we put all the joints in my bong so I was prette high.
  5. Haven't smoked any weed at all today. Yesterday I didn't smoke any joints, but I did smoke some nugs I found on the floor of my car :)
  6. no joints, a couple bubbler bowls and some tobacky
  7. Well, I finished that blunt and smoked a shwisher, then rolled another blunt. I've come down off my high but want to save that blunt for later and don't feel like moving to do a bowl from the bong or pipe. Laziness sucks.
  8. its the 29th i think i have exactly 26 joints left from my oz i got 3 days ago man it was good still is good but my friend got some shit called k19 or something its suppose to be goverment growne but i dont beleave that i know for sure its good shit tho the high is realy intence at first then u get mellow and slowly come down i only smoked one joint of it with my friend and i was so high:)

  9. I think you're talking about G13
  10. ya i dont realy remember what he said it was but i know it was a ledder then numbers im going to find out the name and i will post again just come check it tomorow and i'll post the name of it laterzzzzz

  11. i only smoked 3 bowls today, really fat bowls today!
  12. i have smoked 2 so far but it's 4.30pm so the day is still young i'll post L8r and tell u if i can still memba *LOL*;)
  13. Shiiiiiiiiit, I smoked 5 gravity bongs this morning. I left my stash somewere though and i can't remeber so I've been looking for it all day
    but not that hard i dont wanna overdo ir
  14. holy thread ressurection batman!

    I've smoked nothing today. I haven't smoked in nearly a week and am holding off until Spring Break. Only one week left!
  15. Third bowl with about a 1/4 left to smoke...Its gonna be good night:smoke: !!!!!
  16. Nothing today =[. Been dry for a few days now
  17. Its 1:44 pm and me and my bro smoked a blunt and a few bowls outa the bong of some daaaaank:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  18. Just realized I haven't smoked a white boy in almost a year :eek:
  19. This thread is damn old... and to answer the question, sadly I havent smoked today yet.

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