How many in a 3x3 tent?

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  1. I am going to start my first DWC grow with the single stand alone 5 gallon buckets. 
    I was wondering ( considering I'm doing DWC ) how many plants can I fit in the 3x3 tent? I don't want to overcrowd or anything. I will be using a Solar Storm LED light.

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    I had 4 ladies in 5 gallon containers for my first grow in my 3x3. The canopy literally covered every inch of the tent and the plants were quite cramped. In 5 gal you can do 4 but from my experience you'll want to do some training or scrog to make sure each gets the most light. It also depends on light, a 3x3 with a 400 is good for 2-4 plants, a 600 in a 3x3 could do the 4 but also you could do say 6-9 in smaller 3 gal pots in more or a sog style.

    With dwc and 5 gal I wouldn't try and push past 4 plants. You can check out my journal for pics, it'll get cramped real quick.

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