How many hours a week?

Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Apr 4, 2002.



  1. 0-7 hours a week

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  2. 7-16 hours a week

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  3. 16-20 hours a week

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  4. 20+ hours a week

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  1. How many hours do you spend on the city a week roughly?
  2. LOL, I was thinking our little pommie friend meant hours in the big city looking for weed or smoking. Its still thursday and I'm still working, please gimme a break today. I at least hope this brings a smile to the many friends who read it.

    And now back to the thread's intention, Eome, please don't make me think too hard today I'm trying my best as it is.......
  3. 20+ hrs a week, because i know on avg. i almost spend 3 hrs a day or more on the city.
  4. I try to stop in for at least an hour or so every day.....water the weed...check the messages.....empty the trash!!!
  5. When work is slow I'm here tween 16 & 20 easy!! :smoking:
  6. i'd say 10-15...guess im a lightweight
  7. Some where between to damn much and not enough.

    Must be just right!!!!!!
  8. I know it's somewhere between 7-16 but man it could be more, I dunno I'm always stoned & time flies~
  9. Im on a lot, I get on in the morning and read everything, Then I get on at night and sit awhile again. Im a forumite. =)

  10. I have only been here a few times but I like to come here and read all the interesting posts when I am stoned like now. usually once a week then all the messages are fresh and fun to read. I am going to start to post more too because it is pretty fun

  11. Cheeky Barstard- less of the little please, my gerriatric friend [​IMG]. Only joking BPP... One further q tho I have to ask is how did you all find out about this place- Grasscity for those who are a little confused about such things.

    HAHA just off the subject I am watching the funniest thing on earth... backstage at a boy band concert when they are arguing... NO POT NO ALCOHOL. One of them is jumping up and down and shit and saying "This is the only job I got. This is my job man." And then a hundred pre pubescent girls are standing in a crowd singing the fucking songs.

  12. I would say about a 2 hours a day average, if there is trouble on the site then i end up been on all day :)

  13. 7 to 16 range

    I followed critter and aeroburg from yahooka. So blame them for my bullshit, not me.

  14. Yeah i agree with you on that one..LOL

  15. I'm at home a lot recently which is probably why... I don't stay here 24/7 JUST A FUCKING LOT!!! And as I have told u Woody- I live in the middle of nowhere... all there is to do is either smoke pot- not v easy for me- or you can spend time on the city. Pot dicatates my life.. LOL
  16. Don't worry eome i belive you...;)

  17. eome, feel free to PM me anytime.My work allows me to spend A LOT of time at the city too, and at least when we disagree,neither of us can delete the others replies!!!! LMFAO!! :smoking:

  18. Is that another one of your inside jokes ??? i might start with a few of my own ;)

  19. HA HA ROFLMAO Sax Man... But I think u'd better stop taking the piss now ^he's getting paranoid.... Mickey T just chill m8.

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