How many hours a day do you spend staring at a screen?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sinnerman, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Today I was thinking about how many hours in a day I spend on the computer.

    On weekdays I spend 8 hours a day on the computer at work and probably another 5 hours after work. So that's a total of 13 hours.

    On the weekends I probably spend about 10 hours a day.

    So that's 13*5 + 10*2 = 85 hours a week on the computer. There are 168 hours in week, so that's 85/168 = 50.6% of my life on the computer.

    This doesn't even count the time I spend on my cell phone, playbook and watching TV.

    It's pretty shocking when I think about it.
  2. I work 40 hours a week on my computer, and usually and hour or 2 before and after. I can't really do more than that because I need to move around and my eyes hurt after 10 hours a day.

    I wish I could spend less, but this job pays too damn good. I'm thinking about finding a job that gets me out of the house, even if it pays less.
  3. WAY too much......

  4. Like.... a lot... Holy fuck bro :eek:.... that tripped me out! Grazi for the realization. Ima go outside :smoke:
  5. Maybe 2. I'd go bat shit crazy if I sat in front of this fucking screen any longer..
  6. What else do you do all day then?

    If I didn't have my computer I wouldn't know what to do with myself.
  7. depends. some days I'm in front of a screen damn near all day
    others I don't even post on GC :smoking:
  8. My phone screen probably at least 3 hours. A computer or TV screen? Almost 0
  9. unfortunately the vast majority of them.....:(
  10. To fucking much. That's for sure.
  11. About 9 hours a day for work, Unless im in the workshop.
    About 3 hours after work.

    12 hours a day give or take it would change depending on what type of stuff i gotta do at work though.
  12. About twelve

    Which is dumb because by the end of my workday I've already surfed all my regular sites and read all the interesting stories, then I go home and do it for like four additional hours

  13. I work around the house a lot. Lately I've been doing some landscape work in the front yard when I get home from work. I just pop on the internet for about half an hour while suppers cooking/eating. Then at night after I smoke I come on here for an hour and a half then go to bed..

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