how many hits..

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  1. can you get out of a bowl when smoking alone?

    i lost count at somewhere around 12 i think... maybe more, but sometimes (with crappier weed) its more like 3 lol
  2. wow in my bong maybe 4 or 5 tops
  3. Out of my pipe, I can get six to eight easily, sometimes more. Out of a bong, though, I can only get about three or four tops.
  4. Seriously? I cash a fat fucking bowl in four hits at the very maximum. For a regular sized bowl, it's more like two or three.
  5. Kind of a dumb Q
    I could probably get 50+ hits if I was purposely taking teeny tiny hits..
    I could get 1-3 hits if I was rippin the hell outa the bowl and my lungs..
    All depends on what you like
  6. I only smoke snappers...Sometimes .1...sometimes .7 depends on time of the day.
  7. i always corner my bowls as best i can so that the flame just barely touches the ganj.

    however, i find that it really depends on which piece i use.

    on my little spoon, i can get around 10-12 decent hits out of a bowl before it starts to taste really kicked.

    on both of my bubblers, it takes around 6 hits.

    i can usually get a good 6 to 10 hits out of my roor, but the bowl on that thing is huge.

    i haven't been able to get more that 4 hits out of my new double perc bong, but i milk the shit out of it.
  8. One...
    Ice Pinch bowls filled to the top only offer that kind of hit.
  9. On the piece that came with my bong I can only get 3-4 hits max but I picked up a new party bowl at a headshop up in New York that I can probably get around 10 hits out of.
  10. I have a small 3.5" spoon that has a small bowl which I cash in 4 well-cornered hits.

    But my friend has a large 5 inch spoon that has like 10 hits in it.

    If I want, I can easily kill the small bowl in one hit, but I like smoking so I take medium sized enjoyable hits.
  11. with my EHLE around 6-8 with my bowls 12-16:confused:
  12. one...

    i usually smoke snaps if its by myself
  13. same.

    plus you cant really corner a bowl of hash or oil.:D

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