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How many hits on your pipe until your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PoliceToker, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. How many hits on pipe until your high?
  2. Usually like 4 or 5. Bongs hit you hard and fast

    Ps: bro I had that avy when I first joined haha
  3. Probably like 4, but if its really dank sometimes one hit and i'm gone hahaha, but i do have somewhat of a low tolerance.
  4. I dont really use pipes anymore because my tolerance is too high, about at 10 to get a decent buzz.

    but way back when, usually 4-6 got be pretty high
  5. I'm an easy bake, 1 or 2 xD
  6. I have a really low tolerance. I'm not really sure how many it takes, but I usually take 4-5 or more hits.

    If I'm smoking a joint/blunt, it's a very different story. ;) A lot of it is unnecessary, I'm sure...But I get up there.
  7. Usually takes me about 4 or 5, but things like breathing smoke out your nose help you get higher quicker

  8. Lolwut. How does that get you higher quicker?
  9. 5 - 6
    I actually think it depends on what pipe, my spoon is 5 -6, but my helix 3 -4 :D
  10. 1 hit of grape ape wax......gone
  11. took one massive yellowish-milky hit on my new bong on new years eve. made me feel like i was in another room than my girlfriend, who was sitting just next to me. lol :D
  12. 1-3 hits I get a functional high, anything beyond I am stoned with the aliens in the night sky

    On that medical though.
  13. Usually 5-7 gets me feeling alright
  14. low tolerance + great weed = one. lol, I'm a lightweight. I'm also used to vaping.
  15. Lol share some lol.
  16. some smoke actually stays in your nostrils until you breath in again. Pretty much you get 1 and a half hits for the price of one. idk i read it online
  17. No idea, never counted. A decent sized bowl to get buzzed, 2 to get high. Time for a tolerance break, get it back down to being blitzed from a single bowl.
  18. About 5 hits :)
  19. It probably takes at least 8 or 9 bong hits to get me anywhere. Haven't smoked out of a pipe in months. That is homemade bong though, good weed, diy bong. Getting a real bong tomorrow hopefully so we'll see what happens.
  20. fuck man, i wish i had the tolerance of everyone else on this thread lol. It takes me like 15 SOLID rips to get to a decent level lol. It looks like i need a t-break lol.

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