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How many hits on a blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blaze_Haze, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. puff puff pass that shit
  2. Depends on how many people. usually 3-4.
  3. 3-4, with about 4 heads.
  4. Just casual smoking, we all bust on each other if we count hits. Unless its a dank blunt, then PPP.
  5. take 2 hits pass...friend takes 1 hit coughs a lung i take 2 more LOL
  6. Puff puff pass Is the easiest way to do it, because noebody gets shorted out. With me and my friends you can get a shotgun from someone too,but that counts as your entire turn, so it's a tradeoff... With all stoners who over smoke the blunt there's a penalty of some form, like getting skipped. When I smoke it's usually with only one other person, so if the blunt stalls I just say something and he takes a quick hit then passes it back to me, but in a larger group you should always follow puff puff pass.:smoke:
  7. I take 2 hits before I pass it if it isn't all my weed. if the blunt/bowl/whatever has only my weed in it I'll take an extra hit or 2 when it gets back to me. if it's none of my weed/I only contributed some I'll take one small hit and one slightly bigger hit close together so I'm not holding it for a long time and making sure everyone else who contributed more than me gets more of the blunt. any kind of bowl I take one hit and pass, if it's my weed I'll take an extra hit.
  8. Puff Puff Pass with that pussy ass.
    Same way I like to keep it with joints too
  9. it depends 3-4 people hit it a few times, 4 or more puff puff pass ,when its just 2 or 3 chief and pass
  10. man last year (no racism intended) id smoke with alot of black guys who just sorta got the blunt and hit it for ungoddly amounts of time and it was pree annoying so i dont smoke blunts now... but joints its puff puff at all times :D
  11. When I first read the title, I thought this was gonna be like a Tootsie-Pop commercial.............
  12. yeah usually we do deuces (2 hit pass, puff puff pass) and if its like 5 people all of us smokin and passing a blunt we play California (idk if anyone knows it, some people might some people dont) its where you take a hit and hold it in and everyone does the same and you have to hold it in til the blunt gets passed back to you, its a fun game actually, and we also shotgun
  13. puff puff pass, unless you supplied the bud, then 3 puffs
  14. Usually 2 or 3, no one's going to get pissed if you lose count and take 4 though haha.
  15. Puff puff pass.
  16. 2 and pass.
  17. Its called chicago here, and i always win because i ghost hits alot. but when we play if you choke b4 ur turns up again you get skipped lol
  18. haha yeah im good at ghosting and holding my breath but yeah same here if you choke you get skipped the next rotation haha

  19. Yeah, I have always heard chicago too, never California, but the lingo varies by aria I guess...:smoke:
  20. One joint each person.

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